Student Led Conferences

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Student Led Conferences

A highly effective part of reporting progress to parents includes the opportunity for students to share their learning with their parents/caregivers. These are called student led conferences (SLC) and are led by the student themselves. We are very excited to introduce SLC to GGLPS. They will take place in week 2 of term 3, Tuesday 1st August and Wednesday 2nd August. The conference format will depend on the age of the student and everyone involved must understand the purpose of the SLC and their role.

Purpose of student conferences:

For the student is to:

  • share their learning journey with their parents
  • demonstrate a deeper understanding of their learning with evidence
  • take ownership of their learning and behaviours
  • have quality time on a one to one basis with their parent/parents/caregivers


  • the discussion about the learning will be between parent/parents/caregivers and student
  • students are responsible for sharing their learning

For the parents/caregivers is to:

  • see the learning process their child/children have gone through
  • have quality time on a one to one basis with their child/children


  • parents are encouraged to help guide the conversation through the provided prompts and suggested questions
  • offer verbal and written feedback to their child/children

The role of the teacher:

  • to guide and prepare the students to become confident participants and share their learning

The development of their training will naturally be progressive as students move through the year levels

  • to support and guide parents with prompts and suggested questions encouraging student/parent communication
  • not to engage in parent/teacher conversation, parents wishing to discuss their child’s learning with the teacher will be asked to make an appointment at another time

Student led practicalities:

  • Parents/caregivers will be notified via the newsletter about booking an appointment with your child in their classroom via the usual online booking system. An hour is allocated for each SLC, per child.
  • Source and book the baby sitters or book students into GGOSH (gold coin donation for care) when booking your appointment time.
  • Portfolios to be returned week 1 as they will be required at the student led conference.
  • You will receive a formal invitation from your child outlining the format of the student led conference.

We believe that students, parents and teachers will find this experience rewarding.  This is an opportunity for you to celebrate your child/children’s learning and achievements with them.

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