Our History

1/2/87 Pastor L. N. Bartel – first Pastor.
9/3/87 Tender accepted from Golden Grove Manse.
30/3/87 First meeting of Golden Grove School Advisory Committee.
4/5/87 Trevor Winderlich accepted call to School as Principal.
23/6/87 Elizabeth Winderlich accepted call to School.
13/7/87 Approval given by C.C. (S.A.) to build Teacher’s Residence.
18/12/87 Teacher’s Residence completed and handed over.

(Winderlichs moved in 21/12/87).


31/1/88 Installation Service for first teachers of Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School.

Trevor Winderlich.

Elizabeth Winderlich.

1/2/88 School begins with 26 pupils in Wynn Vale Primary School.
29/2/88 Contract signed for earthworks (school site).
15/4/88 Contract signed for Stage 1 of Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School.
1/5/88 Thanksgiving service and dedication of the Manse and the Teachers’ Residence.  Tree planting at school site by Kevin Oster (Director of

Lutheran Education S.A. District) and school pupils, David Paech

(S.A. District President), Steve Rice (Congregation Chairman) and

Lloyd Kohlhagen (School Council Chairman).  Trees planted were

four lemon scented gums.

1/6/88 Golden Grove School Advisory Committee disbanded.  All school business run by Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School Council.
18/7/88 Installation of third teacher – Elisabeth Bartholomaeus.
11/10/888 Classes start in Lutheran Primary School buildings
16/10/88 Sonya Flynn began work as   Secretary/Receptionist/Teacher Aide.
23/10/88 Opening and Dedication of school buildings, 2.30p.m.
School Council Chairperson – Lloyd Kohlhagen

P. & F. Chairperson – David Knapp

  February Census Enrolment 26
  August Census Enrolment 36


29/1/89 Installation of Teachers.

Pat Schirmer (0.7 appointment for 12 months).

Judy Schmidt (1.0 appointment for 12 months).

Elisabeth Bartholomaeus (fulltime permanent call)



30/7/89 Blessing of new Classroom Block (Stage 2).
20/10/89 Official Opening of Stage 2 by the Honourable Peter Duncan M.P. Member for Makin.  11.00a.m.
Dec. 1989 Pat Schirmer and Judy Schmidt leave.
School Council Chairperson – Lloyd Kohlhagen

P. & F. Chairperson – Barb Power

  February Census Enrolment
  August Census Enrolment 90
28/1/90 Installation of Teachers

Mark Rathjen (3,4)

Andrea Rathjen (1)

Ruth Oster (Librarian & 5,6,7)

Shari Lownds (Special Ed. (0.9)


Margaret Prodoehl started as Teacher Assistant.

Stage 3 was built during the latter half of the year and used for the first time in the 1991 school year.

December Shari Lownds leaves the school.
Sports Day Shield winners – Yellow “Rosellas”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Green “Eagles”

School Council Chairperson – Lloyd Kohlhagen

P. & F. Chairperson – Jenny Kraft

  February Census Enrolment
  August Census Enrolment 130


3/2/91 Installation of the Teachers

Sue Prideaux (6/7).

Ann Grivell (2).

Lana Krueger (5) (appointment for 12 months).

Numbers reached 167 midway through the year – the highest yet. Term 4 – Staff members reach 13.
15/10/91 Joy Doecke Part time Special Education teacher.
27/10/91 Opening of Block 4 (Artroom/Art storeroom & classroom) by Helen Swift, State Director of Commonwealth Dept. of Employment, Education and Training.
December Lana Krueger left.
Sports Day Shield winners – Red “Swans”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Yellow “Rosellas”

School Council Chairperson – Lloyd Kohlhagen

P. & F. Chairperson – Julie Dienelt

  February Census Enrolment
  August Census Enrolment 166





Installation of the Teachers

Michael Kriewaldt

Mignon Weckert

December Elisabeth Bartholomaeus left to teach at Immanuel Primary School, Novar Gardens.

Mark Rathjen left to teach at St. Paul Lutheran School, Blair Athol.

Sports Day Shield winners – Green “Eagles”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Yellow “Rosellas”

School Council Chairperson – Lloyd Kohlhagen

P. & F. Chairperson – Julie Dienelt

  February Census Enrolment
  August Census Enrolment 182


Installation of the Teachers

Rebecca Geue

Barbara Stringer

Lyn McKenzie

Marianne Zeunert

Transportable hired from S.A. District was placed behind the Artroom.
December Lyn McKenzies contract finishes and she leaves the school.

Marianne Zeunert leaves the school to start teaching at Seymour College.

Sports Day Shield winners – Yellow “Rosellas”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Green “Eagles”

School Council Chairperson – Lloyd Kohlhagen

P. & F. Chairperson – Julie Dienelt

  February Census Enrolment
  August Census Enrolment 189


Installation of the Teachers

Ray Winterfield (Year 7)

Jenny Brus started as part-time Secretary.

Sonya Flynn started as part-time Bursar & part-time Secretary.

December Rainer Mayer  accepted Call as Principal.

Trevor Winderlich leaves to become Principal at Caboolture Lutheran School, Queensland.

Elizabeth Winderlich leaves to go with Trevor to Caboolture.

Ann Grivell leaves to start a family.

Ray Winterfield leaves to teach at Trinity College, Gawler.

Jenny Brus leaves to move to Bendigo, Victoria.

Mignon Weckert leaves to teach at Good Shepherd Lutheran School.

Sports Day Shield winners – Green “Eagles”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Green “Eagles”

School Council Chairperson – Lloyd Kohlhagen

P. & F. Chairperson – Dianne Stubing

  February Census Enrolment
  August Census Enrolment 192


Jeanne Dunn started as full time Secretary (contract 6 months).

Elizabeth Herrmann (1 year contract) replacement for Michael Kriewaldt – in Africa for one year.

1/1/95 Rainer Mayer started in his position as Principal.
30/1/95 Sonya Flynn started in her position as full-time Bursar.

Jo-Anne Schultz started at Year 2 teacher.

Bruce Williams started as Year 7 teacher.

5/2/95 10.00a.m. Installation of Teachers.
19/2/95 P. & F. Luncheon.
20/5/95 Quiz Night.
1/3/95 Petit Theatre Ballet “Beatrix Potter”.
7th & 8th September, 1995 South Australian Lutheran Schools’ Staff Conference.
24/9/95 P. & F. Car Rally
30/12/95 Mike Kriewaldt marries Lisa Abraham.
December Andrea Rathjen leaves to go to Living Waters Lutheran School, W.A.

Jo-Anne Schultz leaves to go with husband, Pastor Mark Schultz, to his first congregation in New Zealand.

Staff Football Tipping Winner – Joy Doecke
Sports Day Shield winners – Green “Grenfell”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Green “Grenfell”

School Council Chairperson – John Blaess

P. & F. Chairperson – Dianne Stubing

February Census Enrolment 185.
August Census Enrolment 196
19/1/96 Induction Day for new Staff.
22/1/96 Staff Inservice – First Aid
23/1/96 Staff Inservice – English Statements & Profiles at Para Vista
24/1/96 Staff Inservice – Maths, curriculum guide and Discipline Policy
25/1/96 Staff Inservice – Maths, curriculum guide and Discipline Policy
28/1/96 Installation of Teachers.
29/1/96 Staff Inservice – Maths, curriculum guide and Discipline Policy
30/1/96 Jenny Kowald started as Year 1 teacher.

Melissa Temme started as Year 2 teacher.

Anne Hansen started as Year 3 teacher.

Kylie Hayter started as German teacher.

Margie Prodoehl started in her position as Secretary.

Heath Eckermann started as a Teacher Assistant/Special Education

(1 year contract)

28/2/96 Staffs of Good Shepherd and Golden Grove Lutheran Primary Schools have tea together at Golden Grove.
23/3/96 Fellowship Fundraising Dinner – Staff dinner
5/4/96 Good Friday
11/5/96 P & F Quiz Night
24/5/96 P & F Thing-A-Thon
22/7/96 Staff Inservice
August Warren Brooks starts as Ground Person.
September School enrolment reaches 200 for the first time.
14/10/96 Staff Inservice
November GGOSH started operating.
December Bruce Williams leaves to become Principal of St. John’s Lutheran School, Highgate.

Kylie Hayter leaves to concentrate on her German teaching at Mt. Barker Lutheran Primary School and her marriage to Johnathon Woithe.

Heath Eckermann’s contract finished and he leaves the school.




End of Year Service

Staff Inservice

Staff Inservice

Staff Football Tipping Winner – Joy Doecke
Sports Day Shield winners – Red “Richardson”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Green “Grenfell”

School Council Chairperson – John Blaess

P. & F. Chairperson – Gwenda Johnson

GGOSH Co-ordinator – Suzy Henderson

February Census Enrolment 190
August Census  Enrolment 199
Installation of Teachers

Ruth Zimmermann (full time permanent staff).

Damian Pietsch (full time permanent staff).

Sophia Tsouvalas – part-time German Teacher

Marie Thomas started work as part-time Teacher Assistant.

Pastor Lyle Bartel accepts a Call to Albury.

Pastor Alex Stevenson accepts a Call to Golden Grove.

Gillian Stevenson (contract, Terms 3 & 4).
18/1/97 Melissa Temme married David Riches.
April Warren Brooks’ contract finishes.
15/5/97 Grandparents’ Day
July Anne Hansen leaves to pursue motherhood.

Suzy Henderson leaves.

Will Foster takes over as Co-ordinator for GGOSH.

26/10/97 Open Day – 10th Anniversary Celebrations
Hard Play area and Couryard’s Flower Boxes were built this year.
December Michael Kriewaldt leaves to teach at St. John’s Lutheran School, Highgate.
Staff Football Tipping Winner – Joy Doecke
Sports Day Shield winners – Yellow “Sunnybrook”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Green “Grenfell”

School Council Chairperson – John Blaess

P. & F. Chairperson – Marilyn Seidel

GGOSH Co-ordinator – Suzy Henderson

February Census Enrolment 234
August Census Enrolment  237


Gillian Stevenson (full time permanent staff).

Nick Kriewaldt (full time permanent staff).

Transportable arrived and placed near the oval.
Sophia Tsouvalas leaves mid-year following a serious illness.
December Rebecca Geue leaves to become one of the first staff members of

St. Peter’s Lutheran School, Blackwood.

Staff Football Tipping Winner – Joy Doecke
Sports Day Shield winners – Yellow “Sunnybrook”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Yellow “Sunnybrook”

School Council Chairperson – John Blaess (?)

P. & F. Chairperson – Marilyn Seidel (?)

GGOSH Co-ordinator – Will Foster

February Census Enrolment 234
July Census Enrolment 239


4/1/99 Work begins on site for shared Worship Centre and Classrooms.
Installation of Teachers

Keren Thiele (full time permanent staff).

Tim Kriewaldt (full time permanent staff).

Fran Leske (part-time Learning Support).

Peter Weckert (part-time Learning Support).

Angela Short (part-time German).

Luke Temme starts as Teacher Assistant/Sports Co-ordinator (1 year contract).
August Opening Service for Worship Centre and Classrooms.
Damian Pietsch enjoyed Long Service Leave – Term 3.
Staff Football Tipping Winner – Damian Pietsch
Sports Day Shield winners – Red “Richardson”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Red “Richardson”

School Council Chairperson – Phil Baldock.

P. & F. Chairperson – Debbie Hansen.

GGOSH Co-ordinator – Will Foster and Luke Shearer.

  February Census Enrolment 220
  August Census Enrolment 238
December Ruth Oster retires.
  Luke Temme leaves.


10/1/00 Mick Hoopmann joined the staff as Bursar.

Sonya Flynn started her position as Secretary.

Margie Prodoehl started her position as Teacher Assistant.

Marie Thomas returned from Queensland to take up her position of Teacher Assistant once again.

February Angela Short started as Year 1 teacher (full-time permanent).

Greg McLaughlin started as the German Teacher.

Deanne Nuske started as the Drama Teacher.

February Work starts preparing site for new classroom between the Administration area and the Year 5/6 rooms.
Term 1 Joy Doecke ill – Ruth Oster comes out of retirement to replace her three days a week and Fran Leske replaces her for a day a week.
26/3/00 Deanne Nuske marries Matthew Eckermann.
Term 2 Joy Doecke still ill.

Gill Stevenson ill – Craig Jervies replaces her.

19/5/00 Sports Day.
24/5/00 Greg McLaughlin leaves to concentrate on studies.
1/5/00 Photographs.
2/5/00 Grandparent’s afternoon.
31/5/00 Mariusz Wlodarczyk joins the staff as German teacher.
1/6/00 Photographs
2/6/00 Grandparent’s Afternoon.
End of Term 2 Deanne Ekermann leaves to take up full time employment at Banksia Park Primary School.
Belinda Wegener takes on position of Drama Teacher
End of Term 3 Belinda Wegener leaves to work a full-time contract for Term 4 at Immanuel Primary School, Gawler.
September School Holidays Keren Thiele marries Josh Sutton at Warrawong Sanctuary.
Term 4 Rainer Mayer enjoys Long Service Leave.

Sonya Flynn enjoys Long Service Leave at the Sydney Olympic Games.

Jeanette Coombes replaces Rainer Mayer while he is on leave.

Margie Prodoehl replaces Sonya Flynn while she is on leave.

Staff Football Tipping Winner – Tim Kriewaldt
Sports Day Shield winners – Green “Grenfell”

Sports Day Championship Trophy winners – Yellow “Sunnybrook”

School Council Chairperson – Phil Baldock.

P. & F. Chairperson – Debbie Gepp.

GGOSH Co-ordinator – Luke Shearer

1st School Captains – Sarah Harris and Brian Quick

February Census Enrolment 228
August Census Enrolment  233


5/12/00                     Combined Campus Carols




January Melanie Work commenced as Year 4/5 teacher

Craig Jervies won a year contract as Year 3/4 teacher to replace Melissa Riches, who took the year off on maternity leave.

Elaine Baldock began as school secretary, replacing Sonya Flynn, who moved on to a position as Finance Officer with ANGEE.

Angie Eckermann commenced as drama teacher for junior primary.


23-25 January Staff Inservice – Basic First Aid with St Johns

Lot of planning to cater for composite classes – Rec S, Rec K, 1, 1/2, 2, 3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, and 6/7.

February Music program expanded to include 2 lessons per week across the grades.  Greatest range yet of provate tuition available.
4/2/01 Staff Installation & breakfast
Michael Vullings School Council Chairperson

Kerry Abraham P&F Chairperson

Debbie Gepp Class rep co-ordinator

5/2/01 Year 3 students were presented with their bibles.
15/2/01 Parent Information Evening
12/3-16/3 Rec-7 swimming at Waterworld.

Jay Hoklas (yr 7) selected to play for T.T.Gully District in the SAPSASA Soccer Competition

5/4/01 Sports Day won by
8/4/01 37 students from years 5-7 had their first Holy Communion.
9/5/01 Commemorative Federation Medallions distributed to each student.  Every primary school in Australia were given medals to distribute to the students on behalf of the Federal Government to celebrate the hundredth anniversary since Federation.
25/5/01 Grandparents afternoon (over 350 visitors enjoyed a concert before having afternoon tea and visiting classrooms)
May GGLPS entered their first debating team and won the first round.

GGLPS entered a public speaking competition – Junior Orator for the first time

31/5/01 School photos
Cross Country won by Grenfell
Championship Trophy won by Richardson
June Mitchell Brown (yr 7) selected to play for T.T.Gully District in the SAPSASA Football Competition

Nic Seidel selected to play for T.T.Gully District in the SAPSASA Hockey Competition

Sean Williamson (Yr 6) competed in the Australian Motorcross Championships and finished 4th overall

13/8/01 Twilight Music Evening with individual performances, small ensembles, Chapel Band, Senior Choir and recorder group.
17/8/01 Maths afternoon – parents invited to see maths activities.
20/8-24/8 Book Week – “A Book Odyssey” The junior school had a parade and dressed up as characters from the books.
21/8/01 Dad’s Evening.  Approx 200 Dads & kids ate soup and bread before going to see classrooms and share activities.
6/9/01 Lutheran Staff conference & dinner at Concordia
27/9/01 Upper Primary Concert
7/9/01 Lutheran Staff Conference at Immanuel
10/9/01 Promotional photos taken around the school by a photographer engaged by the northern Lutheran Schools.  Students from Endeavour College were also involved in photos with GGLPS students.
October New sports uniform approved with 2 year phasing out of current sports uniform.  Survey was held to guage parents thoughts before approving new navy and maroon.
21/10/01 Confirmation





Thing-a-Thon raised $2460.05.  Fundraiser for the Music/Performing Arts Department.  Stickers were placed on the instruments and items purchased to acknowledge the donations of the children.


School Captains: Stacey Baldock & Ben Cristarella




6/5/2002 Early Years Classroom Helpers Course started with 19 participants and led by Ruth Zimmermann.
9/5/02 SAPSASA boys soccer team won a lightning carnival.
15/5/02 Cross Country was won by Sunnybrook
17/5/02 71 students participated in 40 hour famine
19/5/02 Eleven Year 5 students celebrate their first Holy Communion
23/5/02 At Westfield TTP it was announced that GGLPS came 6th in the ‘Shop for your School’ promotion (which ran for 10 weeks) and won a Packard Bell computer.
24/5/02 Grandparents afternoon
June Students, teachers and parent helpers planted 150 native trees, shrubs and bushes.
27/6/02 School photos
July Tayla Page topped the state for Year 4’s in the science competition.

Troy Rutter (year 7) selected to represent SAPSASA in the national Primary Schools’ soccer exchange in Melbourne in August.

4/7/02 A disco was held in the Worship Centre for Rec-7.(with 2 sessions)
12/8 &13/8 Year 5s went to Longwood for a camp with Mrs Tscharke and Mr Appelt.
15/8 School participates in Jump Rope for Heart
2/9 Celebration of music concert by students in Worship Centre
6/9 Staff Conference at Faith Lutheran
19/9 Junior Primary Concert
28/9 Angela Short (year 1 teacher) married Ray Ridge
October Free books for school promotion – vouchers collected by families 12,850 resulting in many books for GGLPS.  2,850 given to Clare Lutheran Primary School
14/10/02 New staffroom & computer facilities in use.
20/10/02 Year 7 Confirmation service
27/10/02 Church and School picnic at Foxfield oval.  Reception classes presented school Sunday.
29/10/02 Dad’s evening (bbq and having a look at students work)
7/11/02 Reception Parent information evening
9/11/02 Luke Shearer(GGOSH Co-ordinator) married Anne Kriewaldt.
14/11/02 Volunteers morning tea
15/11/02 Opening and Dedication on new building
25/11/02 P&F AGM – Allyson Dutschke new Chairperson
28/11/02 Campus Carols in the Worship Centre
6/12/02 Year 7 Graduation Dinner at Charlies, Payneham
11/12/02 End of Year Service and end of term
December School’s new phone system installed – new number 8282 6000
Ruth Zimmermann seconded by AISSA for 2 years as Literacy Advisor,

Colin Hayter left as now residing in Victor Harbor, Damian Pietsch on further 12 months parenting leave, Luke Shearer and Judi Doecke completed their year as SSOs.

School Captains announced for 2003-Skye Hoklas and Luke McGorman

Jan 2003 Staff painted classrooms and new admin area during the school holidays.
28/1/03 All staff except Angela Ridge started the year in a different room.  Old Admin area has been refurbished as Junior Primary block.  Admin area now in refurbished year 7/computer rooms attached to Worship Centre.

Anna Watson commenced as Counsellor.  Staff : Barb Stringer Rec, Angela Seeliger Rec/1, Tim Kriewaldt Yr 1, Skye Geyer Yr 2, Angela Ridge Yr 2, Sue Prideaux Yr 3, Jenny Kowald Yr 3/4, Chris Johns Yr 4,

Melanie Tscharke Yr 5, Kristian Appelt and Kristi Ollino Senior Classes (Years 6 & 7).

Melissa Riches returned part time to work in the library.

Greg Sharp and Gary Page resigned from Council

Kerry Abraham now on Council as extra member and Allyson Dutschke as P&F rep.

29/1/03 Life FM presented Rainer and staff with a food package (a bun & beyond) presention for the work completed by staff in the holidays.  A parent nominated the GGLPS Staff and Rainer was interviewed on radio.
2/2/03 Installation of staff
10/2-14/2 Junior Primary swimming lessons
12/2/03 Parent Information evening
9/3/03 Golden Grove Golf Classic at Mawson Lakes Golf Course
10/3-14/3 Upper Primary swimming lessons
16/3/03 Open Day 12noon-2pm (Endeavour open 1.30pm-4pm)
26/3/03 Parent/Teacher interviews

Students and families raised $1050.05 towards ‘Shave for a Cure’. Chris Johns offered to spray his hair pink if $500 was raised, Kristian Appelt said he would shave his head for $750 and Tim Kriewaldt the same if $1000 was raised.  Students who raised the highest amounts were given the chance to spray and shave.

1/4/03 Parent/Teacher interviews
3/4/03 Sports Day –Sports Captains: Aaron Summerton and Chloe Wachtel accepted the trophy on behalf of Sunnybrook.
9/4-11/3 Year 7 students attended Aquatic Camp at Murraylands
29/4/03 Term 2 – 10 Reception students started school.
5/5-7/5 Mr Mayer, Mrs Tscharke & a few parents travelled to Ceduna with the Year 5s for a 3 day camp, visiting with Crossways Lutheran School
9/5/03 Cross Country
15/5/03 Lauren Thiel and Kirsten Rawolle competed in the State Final of the Junior Orator Public Speaking Competiton at Seymour College.  Whilst they didn’t get a place, both performed very well.
20/5/03 New junior playground taking shape.  New equipment by Playquip, 40 cubic metres of softfall (shifted by volunteer parents), 90 metres of safety fencing.  Sails also being erected.  P&F contributing $30,000.  Stage 1 with sails $45,000 – total project close to $55,000.  P&F raffle proceeds to also go towards the playground.
22/5/03 First round of debating for Yrs 5, 6 & 7 students
26/5/03 Mr Hajime Sakai (Jimmy) joined the school as a Japanese intern.
30/5/03 Grandparents’ Afternoon
31/5/03 Cabaret held in the Worship Centre as a fundraiser for the church/school kitchen.  A successful night attended by 180 people – $3000 raised!
10/6/03 Year 5,6 & 7 students from GGLPS, St Pauls and Good Shepherd participated in a workshop in the Worship Centre with Mr John Joseph – ‘The Brain Man’.
13/6/03 Loud Shirt Day organised by Anna Watson & SRC – $359.50 raised for Cora Barclay Centre.
26/6/03 School photos – Fotek
30/6/03 Marimba Night (Yr 3-7 students concert of marimbas & xylophones).  There was also a chair percussion group.
Term 3 Jenny Kowald on LSL and replaced by Jody Kriewaldt, Barb Stringer on LSL and replaced by Bethany Kluge.  Katie Kenny taking Bethany Kluge’s place teaching drama.  Melissa Riches going on maternity leave and Karen Schoff appointed as teacher librarian.

Staff undertake professional development in fire safety.



28/7/03 P&F Meeting


1/8/03 Colleen Fitzpatrick, Director of LCC lead the school worship.

Also Jeans for Genes Day organised by Anna Watson the SRC.  $641.35 was raised.

13/8/03 6 Year 6 & 7 ‘Gifted and Talented’ students went to a ‘Cosmic Cluster’ camp at Stirling.
18/8-22/8 Book Week – ‘Oceans of Stories’
26/8-29/8 National Principals’ Conference in Canberra
31/8/03 10th Anniversary celebration of the Fellowship Centre
Aug-Sept Federal member Trish Draper presented school with an Australian flag
1/9/03 Music Night (Groovin’ at Golden Grove) – instrumental/voice students (90 performers)
3/9/03 Melissa & David Riches – baby boy born at 1.45pm-Thomas Jason
5/9/03 Staff conference at Concordia
11/9/03 Middle & Upper primary concert – ‘A Supreme Pizza’
18/10/03 Tutti FruitiFunfest held at GGLPS and in Worship Centre
20/10/03 P&F Meeting
21/10/03 Dad’s evening
24/10/03 English Comp.  Many students passed with credits and distinctions.  Tessa Rawolle topped the state for the yr 4’s with a perfect score and presented with a medal.
28/10/03 Family Life evening
31/10/03 Bandana Day
3/11/03 Author Phil Cummings visited the Year 5 class, this was their prize for earlier in the year, winning 1st prize in the state for creating an original piece of prose of 500 words or less in the ‘Nestle’ Write around Australia.
4/11/03 Lock Down practice – GGLPS and Wynn Vale Primary
8/11/03 Quiz night for Church/School kitchen fundraiser.
12/11/03 Trish Draper attended school for flag raising ceremony (new flagpole was presented by the government)
16/11/03 Confirmation/Next Step Service – Year 7 students
24/11/03 P&F AGM & Christmas party – Allyson Dutschke Chairperson 2004

Year Disk given to school families, compiled by Luke Shearer

27/11/03 Volunteer ‘s morning tea

Campus Carols in Worship Centre 6.30pm

10/12/03 End of Year Service 7pm

Staff who left: Chris Johns, Bethany Kluge, Melissa Riches, Angela Ridge (12months leave), Hajime Sakai, Melanie Tscharke (12 months leave), Mariusz Wlodarczyk

In 2004 – Japanese to be taught in senior classes, German as part of Society and Environment for Rec and Yr 1.  No specialist German teacher or drama teacher.  Specialist art teacher in 2004.

Barb Power resigned from School Council

4 people recruited to School Council – Anthony Power, Jon Schutz, John Fisk and Rosslyn Jachmann.




Ruth Zimmerman on secondment as literacy advisor to Independent Schools for further 12 months.

School Captains for 2004 – Emily Wachtel and Jesse Hahn

Jan 2004 New staff Kristy Grieger year 2(contract), Damian Pietsch (returned from parenting leave) year 4/5, Jody Kriewaldt year 5(contract), Therese Abraham Art teacher.

Staff returned 19/12/04.  One day spent at Hosanna Heights at a spiritual retreat.

2 days were spent with the staff of the LENS schools (including Salisbury Kindy) at a conference facilitated by Mike Middleton, held in the Worship Centre.

School started on Monday 2nd February with 297 students.

Feb 2004 Uniform survey to guage if worth it to supply summer uniforms on pre-paid basis.
16/2-20/2/04 School swimming at Waterworld, Modbury
17/02/04 Parent information night.
18/02/04 Uniform shop changed its hours to Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoons.

Parent Buddy program introduced

27/2/04 Bibles presented in chapel to Yr 3’s and new students in 4-7
March ‘04 School Council approved 2 new classrooms, which upon local council approval, will be erected in Term 3.
7/03/04 School Sunday Rec & Rec/1 and Open Day 10am-1pm (Para Vista and St Paul’s also open) Endeavour open 1.30pm-4pm
16/3/04 Shave For A Cure raised over $2400. School Counsellor, Anna Watson had her hair coloured whilst, Mr Mayer, Pastor Alex, Mr Kriewaldt, Mr Pietsch and Mr Appelt had their heads shaved.
24/3 & 29/3/04 Parent Teacher Interviews
29/3-31/3/04 Yr 7’s at Murraylands Aquatic camp
30/3/04 P&F lunch and Civvies Day
31/3/04 Mike Middleton spoke with School Council and P&F
1/4/04 Mike Middleton spoke with parents, staff then students (Situational Analysis)
1/4/04 Computer Competition
4/4/04 School Sunday – Yr 4, 4/5, 5
8/4/04 Sports Day and End of Term Sports Day won by Grenfell then Sunnybrook and Richardson
17/4/04 Margie Jacoby and students in her Rose Club entered the Rose Society of SA Autumn Show and won Champion rose, two firsts and a second.
3/5/04 Cross Country (won by Sunnybrook) and arrival of Mioka Omori, Japanese intern(at GGLPS on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
4/5/04 Science Competition for yrs 3-7
5/5/04 Meningococcal C vaccinations for Yr 5-7 and staff
12/5/04 Chapel held Wednesday as Pastors’ Conference on 13/5 & 14/5
19/5/04 English Competition Yr 3-7
21/5/04 40 Days of Purpose small group started for parents after chapel and led by Anna Watson and Michelle Fielke



21/5/04 Grandparents’ Afternoon
26/5/04 Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea run by Coffee Club
27/5/04 Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea for classes, students/buddies
1/6/04 A-Grade debating team won their debate against St Andrews School
9/6-11/6/04 Yr 4, 4/5 & 5 spent 3 days at a camp held at Mylor
16/6/04 Hermannsburg Ladies Choir visited and sang for the children.  They left the school with gifts of a bowl and CD
24/6/04 JP Music Sharing Night
29/6/04 Enrolled Christopher and Tayla Horne to bring student enrolment up to 300.  They commenced on20/7/04
20/7/04 Life Education van visited the school for 2 weeks.
19/7/04 Six hour workshop involving all staff from the LENS schools met to review comment on around 40 options put forward by Mike Middleton.
23/7/04 Yr 1/2 & 2 visited Old Tailem Town and had a bbq tea back at school
Aug 04 Five students from GGLPS attended the 3 day Cosmic Cluster Camp at Longwood near Stirling
9/8/04-13/8/04 WALNA Testing for years 3, 5 & 7
13/8/04 SRC Fun Run
20/8/04 Student Disco run by P&F
30/8/04 Music Showcase 2004 featuring school band, choir and solo performers.
Sept 04 Four metre wide path made from courtyard alongside hardcourt area and finishing near the oval.
9/9/04 “JP Variety Night” concert (matinee)
10/9/04 “JP Variety Night” concert
Sept/Oct 04 New senior transportable classrooms put in place.  New path between the classrooms and hardcourt area.  P&F gave $10,000 towards the building of the path.  The students identified the path as the project they would like to see happen around the school.
22/10/04 Jump Rope for Heart
30/10/04 GGLPS won the school section in the SA Rose Society Spring Show
31/10/04 School and Church picnic
8/11/04 Upper Primary Music Sharing Night
14/11/04 Next Step Service (12 students from GGLPS & 2 other students)
1/12/04 Campus Carols 6.30pm
CD & Magazine printed in 2004









End of Year Service – Staff leaving: Damian Pietsch, Tim Kriewaldt, Jody Kriewaldt, Mioka Omori (Japanese intern)

School Captains for 2005 Tayla Page and Daniel Mackintosh

6/2/05 Staff installation – new teachers installed Katrina Lock (yr 1), Tanya Stopp (yr 5) and Melissa Andrews (yr 6/7)

2005 school year started off with the new path to the oval/GGOSH completed.

5/3/05 Pastor Alex’s Farewell Night held in Worship Centre
6/3/05 First Communion for year 5s
11/03/05 Sports Day won by Grenfell
17/3/05 Joel Horskins won the first round of the Junior Orator Competition
4/4/05 Parent/Teacher Interviews in the evening
6/4/05 Parent/Teacher Interviews in the afternoon (pupil free afternoon)
11-13/4 Year 7 Aquatic Camp
13/4/05 Rec-yr 5 – meningococcal vaccinations
16/4/05 The Rose Club again won the school championship award.
April hols. Car park resealed
Term 2 Shane Heatlie joined the staff this term as music teacher for Rec-yr 4.  Anthea Lytwyn, Skye Loewenthal and Renee Rogers came in as student teachers.
13/5/05 Cross Country won by Richardson
27/05/05 District Cross Country
29/5/05 School Sunday (seniors)
May ‘05 SAPSASA soccer – Girls won 3 out of 4 games and the boys were undefeated.
3/6/05 Special Persons’ Afternoon
12/6/05 Upper Primary Music sharing evening
June 05 Both A grade & B grade teams won round one
05/07/05 Family Life sessions
1/8-5/8/05 WALNA
10/08/05 School photos
August 6 of the yr 7 students attended the Cosmic Cluster Camp.
16/8/05 School Sunday – yrs 2, 4 & 5
22/8/05 Art & Music Night
22/8-26/8/05 Book Week ‘Reading Rocks’
29/8/05 Junior Primary Music Sharing Night
School Closure Day – Staff Conference
14/09/05 Upper Primary Concert (matinee)
15/09/05 Upper Primary Concert (musical moods)
28/10-30/10 Church/School Camp
2/11/05 VIP Night (formerly Dad’s Evening)
3/11/05 Orientation evening for new parents
6/11/05 School Sunday yr 1, 3 & 3/4
14/11/05 Graduation photo
18/11/05 Tabloid Sports Carnival
2/12/05 Helpers’ Morning Tea
9/12/05 Year 7 Graduation dinner
15/12/05 End of Year Service – Staff leaving  Mick Hoopmann (bursar), Tanya Stopp, Melissa Andrews

New staff for 2006 – Graeme Hoklas (Bursar), Tim Kriewaldt, Jody Kriewaldt and Damian Pietsch returning.  Shane Heatlie – Boys in Education, Ruth Zimmermann Deputy Principal and Co-ordinator of Learning and Teaching, Karen Schoff – Teahcher Librarian

School Captains 2006 – Tessa Rawolle and Jack Thiel



Most of the school’s exterior has been painted with a consistent scheme and classroom doors painted bright colours to allow for easier identification.  School has received a grant from the Incesting in Our Schools Grant Program.  Completion of sail project, removal of rocks and a retaining wall in JP area, refrigerated drink fountains, additional aluminium seating and rubberised softfall.




New look newsletter called ‘The Grapevine’. Co-ordinators in the school this year are Tim Kriewaldt – Junior Primary, Kristi Ollino – Middle Primary, Kristian Appelt – Senior Classes.
5/2/06 Staff Installation Service
26/2/06 Next Step Service 14 students from GGLPS taking part
16/3/06 Junior Orator Competition Round one won by Tessa Rawolle
20/3/06 Cross Country – Won by Grenfell
29/3-31/3/06 Year 5 Camp
2/4/06 School Sunday – JP
5/4/06 Open House at GGLPS
April 06 Tessa Rawolle came 2nd in the semi-finals of the Junior Orator Competition and will compete in the Grand Final at Loreto College 15/5.

(Tessa competed well but didn’t get a place in the Grand Final)

19/5/06 Special Person’s Afternoon
28/5/06 School Sunday – Senior Classes
30/05/06 Upper Primary Sharing Night
6/6/06 School Photos
May 06 Luke Shearer resigned.  Nancy Baron – acting director of GGOSH
Bluearth is a helath amd movement education program founded in 2000.

GGLPS was successful in securing a grant from TT Gully Council for $3500 to participate in the program.  Year 5G & Skye Geyer and also Kristi Ollino are participating in the program.  The teachers will be accredited by the end of the program to train other teachers.

18/5/06 Police Band visits the school
19/5/06 Special Person’s Afternoon – very well attended
24/5/06 Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea held at Coffee Club
28/5/06 School Sunday – Senior classes held at 6.30pm service
30/5/06 Upper Primary music sharing night.
20/6/06 Music Evening and Art Exhibition (yr 2-7)
9/6/06 Class parties held as fundraiser for Cyclone Larry ($272 raised)
30/6/06 Sports Day for yrs 5-7 and sprints for Rec – 7 (First time sports day is divided into 2 parts to trial an interschool Sports Day with LENS schools in Term 3 for UP students. (The weather was terrible and the program had to be completed a few days later).
7/7/06 Luke Shearer leaves GGLPS – Nancy Baron acting director
Rainer flew to PNG with a group of people from GGLF and took with him, 3 laptop computers to present to the people at Asaroka Lutheran High School.(part of the money raised to purchase the laptops came from a school raffle with prizes being 2 mountain bikes donated by parent Mr Waterman.
28/7/06 At Chapel Emi Schutz in year 5 was presented with a medal for scoring the highest score in the year 5 level out of all participants across SA & NT.
4/8/06 Tabloid Sports Day for Rec-yr 4.  The overall winner from the Sports Day on 30/6 and the Tabloid sports, Sunnybrook won.  Nancy Baron has accepted the position of GGOSH Director.


18/8/06 LENS Sports Day – Year 5/6/7 students competed in a track and field comptetion for the inaugural Endeavour Cup.  Good Shepherd won, GGLPS second, St Pauls third.
Sept. 06 GGLPS won the Tea Tree Gully District Small Schools Champions – Athletics Shield.
8/9/06 SA Lutheran Staff Conference at Faith College, Tanunda
19/9/06 First Communion (15 of the 19 from GGLPS)
28/9/06 JP Concert (‘Days of Our Lives”)
October 06 Luke Napier joined the staff for term 4 (taking over from Brett Copeland who cut back on his role).
  School Capital Improvements largely funded by a federal government grant called ‘Investing in Our Schools’ – JP playground and adjacent areas now under shade, and soft fall replaced by rubberised floor.  Senior playground also now has shade and refrigerated water taps located around the school.  Also new maintenance shed added.  Also secured a grant to build a new computer suite in 2007.


Jane Reilly visited the school and landed on school oval in Channel 10 helicopter.  She was presented with a bottle of school wine and a cake baked by Mr Mayer.


End of Year Service – Staff leaving: Jodie Kriewaldt (maternity leave).

Shane Heatlie.

Skye Geyer moving from classroom teacher to PE Coordinator.


1/2/07 School term 1 started. New staff: Andrew Tiller yr 5 teacher, Adele McCusker Senior class teacher. Skye Geyer married Adam West in the hols.  We started the year with 283 students.
4/2/07 Installation service of new Pastor    – Pastor Leon Rosenberg
11/2/07 Staff installation service at 6.30pm service
5/3/07 Junior Orator of the Year 2007 – Emi Schutz won Round 1 and moves onto a semi final round.
23/3/07 Staff dressed up and became pirates for the day.  Staff had a mutiny due to this request by Rainer and made him walk the plank on stage after chapel.  Staff enjoyed Pirate food at recess.
29/3/07 World’s Greatest Shave – Andrew Tiller and Ruth Zimmermann had their hair shaved and several staff had hair decorated with colour spray. $1227.65 was raised.  Students came to school with ‘Crazy Hairstyles’.
30/3/07 Sports Day – won by Richardson, Grenfell 2nd and Sunnybrook 3rd.
2/4-4/4 SAPSASA Basketball – The year 7 boys won all matches and now play in the next round for a chance to play in the grand final.
23/4/07 GGLPS won at the Rose Club Autumn Rose Competiton at Burnside Town Hall.
11/5/07 Played in the finals and missed out on a chance to play in the grand final by one point.
18/5/07 Special Persons’ Afternoon – well attended.
22/5/07 P&F ran a disco for the students.
27/5/07 16 young people took the ‘Next Step’ in their faith journey at both 9.30am & 6.30pm services at GGLF.


June 07 Announcement of new Principal – Mr Daryl Trigg
5/6/07 School photo day – Advanced photos
12/6/07 Music Evening and Arts Exhibition
28/7/07 P&F held a quiz night raising $1530 towards a Soundfield system and $261.40 for Asaroka Lutheran in PNG.
13/6/07 Ivan Schmocker Constructions won the tender for Stage 1 (a computer suite) of the building program.  Anticipated finishing date – mid Nov. Foundations to be laid in 2nd week of school hols in July.
19/6/07 SRC held Team Player Day raising money in support of Save The Children Fund. (Raised $315)
22/6/07 Trialled having Holy Communion at Friday morning chapel service.
1/7/07 GGLF celebrated 20th Anniversary.
25/7/07 2007 International Maths Competition – Lachlan Ahrens scored highest mark in his year level in the state and will received a medal at a special ceremony.
22/8/07 GGLPS came in 8th place in the ‘Shop for your School comp. and won a camera valued at $309.
22/8/07 &


GGLPS students raised most amount of money on Team Player Day so along with their buddy school (Hackam West) they attended a training session at AAMI stadium, meeting Mark Ricciuto and played a pre-match game on the oval prior to the AFL match.
31/8/07 LENS sports carnival held and GGLPS won the day with 140 points, followed by St Pauls (128 points) and Good Shepherd(104 points). A week later the students went onto the SAPSASA Athletics Carnival and won the small schools section of our district.  !st place winners on the day were then seslected to represent Tea Tree Gully District in the Metro Athletics Day.
7/9/07 SA Lutheran Staff conference held at Concordia College.
26/9/07 Upper Primary Concert “Past, Present & Future”.
Term 4 Margie Jacoby, Katrina Lock and Ruth Zimmermann on lsl.

Tania Nelson taking over Ruth’s duties, Ruth Carter in yr 2 and Lynette Field as SSO.

James Ziersch started as chaplain through the National School Chaplaincy Program, funded by the government. (2 days per week).

Oct 07 GGLPS were again successful in the Rose Club Spring Rose Competition.  Champion potted rose, Champion yellow rose as well as 5 first prizes, 5 second prizes and 6 third prizes.
21/10/07 21 young people from the school and church community took part in their first communion at the 6.30pm service.
25/10/07 In the Metropolitan Athletics Championships, Daniel Errington achieved 3rd place in the boys 13 yr old shot put, James Gore 4th place in 10 yr old shot put and Michael Sharp 4th plce in 11yr old discus.
5/11/07 Nicole Fielke selected to play in the T.T. Gully SAPSASA district team to play tennis in the State Carnival.

Ryan Reavley selected to play in the T.T. Gully District SAPSASA cricket team.

9/11/07 Cross Country – won by Grenfell, Sunnybrook 2nd and Richardson 3rd.


19/11/07 Ms Brooke Krueger-Billett (Australian Athlete) presented PRC medals at a special assembly.  Karen Schoff and school captains (Sarah Mackintosh & Gregor Mackie) attended a ceremony at the Space Theatre to receive a special award by the Premier for the outstanding results by GGLPS in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.  Book prizes and a gift voucher for the school library was also received.
13/12/07 End of Year Service – for the first time there were 2 services.  An End of Year Service at 12noon and Graduation Ceremony at 7pm.  We farewelled Rainer Mayer, Jenny Kowald and Kristian Appelt.
31/1/08 School year started with new Principal – Mr Daryl Trigg.
3/2/08 Installation of staff held at Salt Factory Service at 6.30pm.
Feb 08 Fortnightly newsletter trialled
4/3/08 8 students attended an ALWS Awareness Day.
12/3/08 Open Day 9.30am-12noon
13/3/08 Junior Orator Competition – 6 students entered from GGLPS.  Alexandra Schmocker wowas awarded first place and now moves to the semi-final round competing at St Peter’s College.
14/3/08 Sports Day cancelled due to wet weather
19/3/08 Chris Horne was selected to represent Australia in the World Children’s Baseball Fair, in Aichi Japan in July.  Sam Draper and Sierra Fulcher were chosen to represent Tea Tree Gully District in the Metro Swimming Carnival at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre in the freestyle relay.
25/3/08 Liz Griffin from the Animal Welfare League talked to the students about caring for pets.  The SRC chose this as the fundraiser for term 1.  Students were asked to bring along their favourite stuffed animal on 10/4 and for this privilege give a gold coin donation.  They then displayed them in an animal parade.


March 08 SAPSASA Athletics Day – GGLPS won the Small Schools Champions shield for the 3rd year in a row.


April 08 Autumn Rose Show – The students won a number of prizes including Champion Rose for the Primary School section.  Natalie Fisk won the Primary School Champion for miniature potted rose.
April 08 Cailan Nerzic competed in the National BMX Championships and was placed 3rd in the 11 year old class.

Jordan Barrow took part in the Junior Dirt Go-Kart Racing State Titles.

4/4/08 Pupil free day for Parent/Teacher Interviews
11/4/08 Barb Stringer went on LSL for term 2 and replaced by Ruth Carter.
May 08 Area set up in Worship Centre for people to pray for Josiah Page and family.
May 08 Isaiah Bush was selected to represent Tea Tree Gully District in the SAPSASA Football Carnival competing against teams from all over SA.

Cailan Nerzic was selected yo be part of a 5 rider BMX National Team representing Australia om a Trans Tasman competition.

Ashleigh Jachmann and Taylor Jachmann-Evans were selected to participate in the Metro Athletics as part of the TTG District team.


9/5/08 Sports Day – Richardson won followed by Sunnybrook and Grenfell.
16/6/08 At the TTG District Cross Country, Taylor Jachmann-Evans, Luke Wachtel and Jamie Pleass were selected to represent TTG District at the State Cross Country Championships.
23/5/08 Year 5,6 & 7 students along with students from St Paul Blair Athol and Para Vista and Endeavour College attended a chapel service at the new Endeavour Centre to celebrate the National Lutheran Schools Week.(The theme of the week Engage, connect, build and sustain.)
26/5/08 The B grade debating team won their round one.  Next round on 17/6 at St Peter’s.
27/5/08 A number of year 6/7 students took part in the Tea Tree Gully District SAPSASA Soccer Carnival at Tilley Reserve.  The girls won the carnival with 3 wins and a draw and the boys came third with 2 wins and 2 draws.
29/5/08 Upper Primary Music Sharing evening.
6/6/08 Hairlarious Day – SRC fundraiser for term 2.  $350 raised for Childhood Cancer.  Lots of multicoloured hair, wigs etc.
12/6/08 Art & Music Night
13/6/08 Special Person’s afternoon – P&F decided to ask parents to send along money instead of donating food and they organised Devonshire Tea which proved to be popular.
June 08 Lauren Hoskins and Leticia Richardson selected to represent Tea Tree Gully District in SAPSASA soccer.
July 08 Work on ‘Block C’ refurbishment and extension begun.
August 08 Term 3 SRC fundraiser Anglicare Appeal “Cure The Cold”- 280 cans of food collected.
4/8/08 Ned Show – Clyde came to the school to share his yo-yo skills and give a message Never give up   Encourage others   Do your best.  Lots of yo-yos sold in the front office following this demo.
6/8/08 Luke Napier announced as replacement teacher in year 5 for term 4 whilst Kristi Sparkman is on LSL.

Good results in the Science Comp.  Emi Schutz received a high distinction.

8/8/08 Culmination of Naidoc Week at Chapel and opening of the new ICT suite by Mr Tony Zappia and blessed by Pastor Lyle Bartel.
13/8-15/8 Seven grade sevens attended the Cosmic Cluster Camp at Woodhouse in the Adelaide Hills.
20/8/08 SRC fundraiser Anglicare “Cure the Cold” – 280 cans of food collected
22/8/08 LENS Athletcis Day – St Pauls won closely followed by GGLPS.  GGLPS also took out the trophy for the Star Relay.
24/9/08 Junior Primary Concert matinee performance Rec – yr 4
25/9/08 Junior Primary Concert evening performance Rec – yr 4
Sept/Oct 5 staff attended ACLE conference at the MCG
October 2008 International English Competition – Emi Schutz was awarded a medial for scoring the highest mark in her yr level (7) in the state.
16/10/08 Josiah Page (year 7) passed away.
23/10/08 Josiah Page’s funeral was held in the Worship Centre
October SRC fundraiser – 73 completed boxes were collected for Operation Christmas Child and an amount of $275 to help with delivery costs.
25/10/08 Spring Rose Show at Burnside Town Hall – Roxanne Lawrence was awarded Champion prize for mini potted roses. Other members of the Rose Club were awarded firs, second & third awards in the cut stem rose section.
29/10/08 VIP Evening
November We celebrated Remembrance Day a little early with The Adelaide Rifles Historical Society taking part in a ceremony in the Worship Centre and carpark where they fired three rounds from a cannon.
10/11-14/11/08 PE Week – Included a whole school walk around the community and a Come and Try Fun Day for year 4 & 5 students on Richardson Oval.
13/11/08 Cross Country – Sunnybrook won.
20/11/08 Helpers’ Morning Tea
24/11/08 P&F AGM & Christmas Party – Chairperson position vacant. Vice Chair Nick Hoskins, Secretary Steve McLuckie and Treasurer Stuart Fillmore
24/11-28/11 Rec-yr 2 students went swimming.
5/12/08 Year 7 Graduation Dinner
5/12/08 PNG visitors sang at Chapel. The ladies are billeted by church and school families during their stay in Adelaide.



11/12/08 Closing Chapel Service at 2.30pm and Graduation Service at 7pm.  Farewelled Ruth Zimmermann (taking up a position at ALC), Therese Abraham left to take up full time position at Para Vista, Nancy Baron left to become a Pilates instructor.  Kristi Sparkman took a year’s leave of absence.
January GGOSH moved into Year 2 classroom with Katrina Burrell as director.

School Captains: Breanna Vullings and Hayden Kirkwood, Vice-captains Jaimi-Lee Beckett and Nicholas Kuchar

1/2/09 Staff and Council Installation service – Meryl Perks Japanese teacher, Carly Bergen 4/5 and Melanie Rees 4/5, New School Council members: Steve McLuckie, Dave Neale, Melissa Bussenschutt
February New playground where ggosh building previously located and Reception classes being extended and refurbished.
22/2/09 Confirmation at GGLF
27/2/09 First of a series of workshops after Chapel on Friday for parents called ‘Twenty Minutes on Friday’.  First one run by Tania Nelson on ‘Helping Your Child to Read
5/3/09 12 students participated in the Tea Tree Gully SAPSASA swimming carnival and won the small schools division. 3 students were selected to represent TT Gully district in the metropolitan swimming carnival on 26th March.
19/3/09 Open Day 9am-12noon
23/3-24/3 Year 6 Camp at Woodhouse
23/3-25/3 Year 7 Aquatic Camp
9/4/09 Cross Country held after being postponed on 2/3 due to the weather. Sunnybrook celebrated back to back wins.
April Rose Society Autumn Show at the Burnside Town Hall – GGLPS won the Champion Rose in the Junior Primary section of the show. Jane Reilly from Channel 10 invited the children to be in her segment which was aired on tv that night.
7/5/09 Years 5/6/7 attended LENS worship service at Endeavour College to celebrate Lutheran Schools Week
8/5/09 Sports Day won by Richardson. Jared Petrenko from the Adelaide Crows presented the shield to the Sports Captains.
May R/1 excursion to Uleybury School House Museum.
22/5/09 Special Person’s Afternoon
June Block D being refurbished
17/6/09 Music & Art Showcase – exhibition of artworks followed by concert.
18/6/09 Term 3 intake beginning this year – Orientation Evening for parents
June Year 2/3 classes went on an excursion to Old Tailem Town
Senior Classes went on an excursion to the Japanese gardens in the city and to a Japanese restaurant for lunch.
10/6/09 School was successful in obtaining a grant of $2m through the BER (Building the education Revolution) program, to build a new Admin/Staff/Conference/Learning Support building.
12/6/09 Biggest Morning Tea held in Fellowship Centre $181 raised for Cancer Council.
18/6/09 Orientation Evening for Term 3 reception parents.
22/6/09 SAPSASA Football – GGLPS 11.6 (72) – Lyndoch PS 4.5 (29) The game was held at Williamstown Oval.  Graeme Hoklas umpired.
24/6-26/6 Year 4/5 classes went to camp at Mylor.
29/6/09 GGLPS students attended the interschool chess competition held at Tyndale Christian School.  Alex Schutz, Taylor Vogt, Sam James and Callum Giovannetti won a bronze medal for their team effort and Callum also received a certificate of distinction for his individual effort.
3/7/09 Under 11 & Under 13 Netball teams both won their grand finals.
24/7/09 GGLPS played football against Ridgehaven and won the game.

August                           Margie Jacoby was presented with a certificate of

                                       appreciation of her work with the students in the Rose

Club at GGLPS, by the members of the Rose Society

of SA

SAPSASA Football – GGLPS defeated Port Broughton 8.2 to 3.2 to gain a place in the grand final.

Yr 4/5M & Yr 4/5RP moved into their refurbished classrooms,complete with electronic whiteboards. The school now has Electronic Whiteboards in all classes, the staff room ICT suite and Japanese room.


Cosmic Cluster Camp theme this year was “Reach for the


28/8/09                            LENS Athletics Day – GGLPS were runners up to St


30/8/09                            Kirra Jones & Brayden Hogben were baptised during

the year 2/3 classes School Sunday.


4/9/09                             Student free day – staff attending the SA Lutheran

primary school staff conference at Immanuel

Lutheran College Novar Gardens.

A group from GGLPS & GGLF left on a 2 week trip to

Asaroka PNG (including Daryl Trigg & Graeme Hoklas)

25/9/09                           Anna Watson left GGLPS to live in Kangaroo Island.

11/9/09                           A group of students organised a lunchtime disco to raise

money for Cancer Research they raised $200.

Year 1 had a sleepover at GGLPS.

A group of students competed in the Northern Districts

Japanese competition and came 7th out of 11 schools.

23/9/09                           Numeracy Expo held.


3/10/09                           Moon Lantern Festival was held at Elder Park. 40 of

the students carried the GGLPS lantern in a night

time parade through Elder Park.

15/10/09                         Metro Athletics Day


17/10/09                         Rose Society Spring Show – due to early timing of the

show and the weather, the students had to source

their entries from outside the school.The students

also had looked after mini roses at home which were

judged and Aimee McLennan won the Champion

Certificate for her mini rose.



23/10/09                        Official opening of Block A & C (the extension to the

senior classrooms

and the JP classrooms by Mr Tony Zapia and Mr Barry

Kahl. Ms Miriam Smith, Ivan Schmocker and Michae

l                     Vullings were invited guests.

31/10/09                        P&F Quiz Night – approx $3500 raised towards sound

field systems.


7/11/09                         GGAF Fete held its first fishing fete in the carpark area.

The students were involved in an Art competition at the


19/11/09                        Helpers’ Morning Tea held in the Fellowship Centre.

23/11/09                        P&F AGM Christmas Party – Chairperson Tracey


29/11/09                        Family Christmas Picnic held on the oval. Father

Christmas brought gifts to the children.


3/12/09                         Japanese Day – Students enjoyed a day of all things

Japanese, food, games and the staff in kimonos.

4/12/09                         Graduation Dinner




6/12/09 –                     The Rose Club held a dispay in the foyer of the church.

Funds raised to rehabilitate a Sloth bear (dancing bear)

into the wild.

10/12/09                      Graduation Service – Anna Watson & Kristi Ollino &

Karen Schoff were given gifts as a thankyou for their

service to GGLPS. Anna has moved to Kangaroo

Island, Kristi and her husband have purchased a Sports

Shop and Karen has taken a position of

teacher/librarian at Good Shepherd, Para Vista.


January                       Ruth Carter (R/1), Melanie Rees (Yr4/5 & Librarian)

and Carly Bergen (Yr 4/5)became permanent staff

members at GGLPS.

GGLPS staff took part in a spiritual retreat at McLarens

on the Lake at McLaren Vale, staying overnight.

Construction of the new stage 5 administration block


School Council Chairperson – Michael Vullings

31/1/10                        Installation service of Staff/School Council

February                     School Captains introduced to school – Caitlin Muhs

and Darcy Nitschke

Vice Captains – Zoe Hawkins and Jack Loveday

5/2/10                          The Reception students were each presented at

chapel with a Lion First Bible as a gift from the GGLF

22/2/10                        GGOSH moved into the Rec/1 classroom near the JP



5/3/10                         Clean Up Day – GGLPS staff, parents and students

cleaned up areas around the school, soccer oval and

Grenfell Road as part of ‘Clean up Australia’.

9/3/10                         Junior Orator held at GGLPS. Eight students from yr

5-7 entered the Competition. Dahlia Klunyk won first

place and represents the school in Semi-final round at

Prince Alfred College.

10/3/10                      Tea Tree Gully SAPSASA swimming carnival. GGLPS

won the trophy for the small schools division in the

TeaTree Gully district.

18/3/10                      Information night for proposed trip to Japan for



19/3/10                      Sports Day – Grenfell won the day followed by

Richardson and Sunnybrook.

21/3/10                      Students participated in Harmony Day by constructing

a giant community chain on the oval. Students made

individual links that represented themselves and extra

links for family members.


22/4/10                      Information night for proposed Japan trip.

27/4/10                      Book Fair held over the week – $800 raised.

30/4/10                      Cross Country – won by Sunnybrook.


Changes to GGLPS School Uniform. New sports uniform and

minor changes to jumpers and shirts. (2 year changeover


5/5/10                        GGLPS joined with the other LENS schools at

Endeavour College to celebrate National Lutheran

School’s Week.

22/5/10                     GGLPS football team played at half time of the North

Adelaide SANFL game.


4/6/10                        Special Persons’ Afternoon – lots of people and

lovely Devonshire tea.

16/6/10                     Music & Art Showcase

Students involved in an Indigenous Mural Project.



19/7/10                      Term 3 receptions start at GGLPS   

22/7/10                     New receptions presented with their bibles donated by




11/8/10                    Cosmic Cluster Camp

11/8/10                    JP Concert matinee

12/8/10                    JP Concert evening performance



                                  Building work on Admin Building progresses with roof

and brick work now commenced.

Students attended a Japanese Hiragana Competition.


3/9/10                       Staff Conference


22/9/10                    Upper Primary Concert – Musical called “Show Time at


Principals from Asaroka in PNG visited school at end of

the term and over the holiday break.



October                      Jump Rope for Heart – students raised $2812.05

27/10/10                  VIP Night       

29/10/10                  LENS Athletics Day

30/10/10                  A group of 15 set of to Japan for a week including a

visit to Asakuchi school.




                                New style uniform items arriving into uniform shop

21/11/10               Church/School Family Picnic on the school oval.

25/11/10                Helpers Morning Tea






9/12/10                    Graduation service

School Captains announced – Rebekkah Pfeffer & Joel


Vice Captains – Emma Hoskins and Sam Draper

Kristy McGuire to Immanuel Novar Gdns and Mery

l                   Perks to Investigator College Victor Harbor

P&F Chairperson – Tracey Dabinett



                                   School Council Chairperson Steve McLuckie

2011 –                      One class added to make 12 classes

3 week mid break in July 2011


                                   Moving into new Admin Building.

Mainly Music program began

Bible presentation to new Receptions(gifted by GGLF)

Group of senior studetns working with an historian from

Adelaide University on an ANZAC history project of

our local area, made possible by receiving an ANZAC

Memorial Trust grant.

9 year 7 students confirmed at GGLF



GGLPS came second in the small schools division in the Tea

Tree Gully SAPSASA swimming carnival.

Nadine Schofield teaching in Barb Stringer’s R/1 class for

remainder of  term whilst Barb on LSL.

Junior Orator – Dahlia Klunyk & Rebekah Pfeffer to compete

in semi-final

25/3/11                       Sports Day – won by Richardson. $750 raised by P&F

on cake stall.

28th -30th                     Year 6 Camp at Woodhouse

28th  -30th                    Year 7 Aquatic camp at Murray Bridge



7/4/11                        40 students participated in the Tea Tree Gully

Athletics Day

8/4/11                        Shave for a Cure/Crazy Hair Day – Pastor Leon,

Andrew Tiller and Tim Kriewaldt all had their heads

shaved. $1188.90 was raised.



6/5/11                        Year 5, 6 & 7 students, gathered together with

students from other LENS Schools at Endeavour

College for a celebratory Worship Service for

Lutheran Schools week.

13/5/11                      Cross Country – won by Grenfell

27/5/11                      Special Persons’ Afternoon (Over $400 raised for the

Cancer Council – incorporated the afternoon with

Biggest Morning Tea)







9/6/11                        ALWS week – Casual dress day in Burundian flag

colours. $517 raised.

26/6/11                      Installation of Stephen Rudolph LEA Executive

Director at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Charlotte,

James & Eva Wilson represented GGLPS.







1/7/11                          Opening of the new Administration Building by

Mr Tony Zappia and Mr Barry Kahl. Closing Chapel

followed by official opening in the courtyard, then

afternoon tea. A celebration dinner was held in the

new building from 5pm (til late).



                              Ms Yukie Usui, a Japanese Assistant Teacher at GGLPS for

terms 3, 4 and Term 1 2012.

4/8/11                         NED Show (Teaching resilience through a presentation using

a yo-yo.

5/8/11                        BO group – first official meeting. For all GGLPS and GGLF

‘Dads and their Primary School Aged Lads’. The first one held

in the Trigg shed at Gawler.

10/8/11                      Air conditioning now in Worship Centre. (1/2 funded

by P&F)

Debating team of Chloe Davidson, Rebekah Pfeffer and

Saduni Albaradura won their debate agains St Andrews with

the topic ‘Children are too tech savvy for their own good’.

17/8-19/8                   9 year 7 students attended Cosmic Cluster Camp at


22/8-26/8                  Book Week – Students from Endeavour College

visited. Some were former students of GGLPS.

24/8/2011                 Cancer Council Disco organised by yr 7

students.$375.20 raised.



2/9/2011                     Lutheran Staff Conference at Concordia College –

Geoff Bullock and Robyn Moore (speakers). Farewell

to Barry Kahl.

10/9/2011                  GGLPS Quiz Night – AFL Theme – $2500 raised by


Debating team of chloe Davidson, Elijah Schutz and Saduni

Albaradura debated the topic that ‘Fast food advertising

should be banned’ and won the debate against Wilderness


16/9/2011                   Sean W Smith led Chapel.


25/9/11                       GGAF Fishing Swap Meet & Fete

GGLPS Chess team won 4 bronze emdals at Wasleys




21/10/11                      Skye Geyer began Maternity Leave

Yr 7 students attended the North East District

Hiragana Competition

26/10/11                     Ribbon Breakfast on the deck.($300 raised).



2/11/2011                    VIP Night

4/11/2011                     LENS Athletics Day

20/11/2011                   Family Worship and School/Church Picnic

21/11/2011                    Car Park changes direction.

28/11/2011                             P&F AGM – Chairperson Tracey Dabinett.

Farewelled Nick Hoskins.




1/12/2011                      Helper’s Morning Tea

Twilight Concert

3/12/2011                       Farewell celebration dinner for Barb Stringer (34

years of service – 15 at Murray Bridge and 19 at


15/12/2011                      Graduation & End of Year Service

Barb Stringer retired, Skye Geyer on Maternity Leave

School Captains announced: Lilly Schultz, Jacob


Deputy Captains: Nadia Kirkwood, Aiden Tilley



                                  Council Chairperson – Steve Mcluckie

Kate Dempster R/1 teacher

Adele Erskine now 1 day in 4/5 (with Jacquie Paech 4

days) & 3 days as PE Co-ordinator

Graham Maddren Yr 6/7 teacher




7/2/2012                          Endeavour College Opening Service – 3 former

GGLPS students selected – Nicole Fielke as Captain

and Mark Schmocker and Sarah Mackintosh as

Deputy Captains.

10/2/12                            Reception children presented with their gift of bibles

by GGLF.



                                        SAPSASAteam won the swimming carnival.

9/3/2012                         Sports Day – Richardson won

Parent/Teacher Interviews split in 2 – Rec-Yr 5 and 6/7s.

Interviews in April and May.

Announcement that Tania Nelson leaving on 1st June to

take up a new role as Head of Theological Studies at

Australian Lutheran College.

16/3/2012                      BO group overnight camp at Blanchetown.




1/4/2012                        7 students who had completed the ‘Step Up to

Communion Course’ received their First Communion.

26/4/2102                     Announcement that Tim Kriewaldt will fill the position

of Deputy Principal until the end of the year and Luke

Napier will teach the yr2/3 class until the end of the





4/5/2012                       Yr 5-7 students joined students from LENSschools at

Endeavour College for a service to celebrate

Lutheran Schools Week. Theme – ‘Humility’.

7/5/2012                          Cross Country won by Grenfell.

18/5/2102                    District Cross Country – all runners finished the

course and Lawson Nitschke and Chelsea Nangle

finished in the top three.

Yr 1 Pirate themed sleepover

25/5/12                        Special Persons’ Afternoon.




1/6/2012                        Farewell dinner on the deck for Tania Nelson.

4/6/2012                         Crazy Hair Day – raised $194.70

15/6/2012                   Daryl Trigg and Andrew Tiller In Asaroka until the end of the


27/7/2012                   A group of nurses visited from PNG to take part in a Parish

Nurse Conference held at GGLPS.




8/8 -10/8/12                 Cosmic Cluster Camp at Woodhouse

15/8/12                         Letter sent to parents to advise of decision on transition of year 7 students to Endeavour in 2016

15/8/12                         Rec-Yr3 Concert (matinee)

16/8/2012                     Rec-Yr 3 Concert (evening performance)

17/8/2012                     CCs – Masterchef Night with special guest Callum Hann

(runner up in Masterchef competition and winner of Allstars


25/8/2012                     GGLPS & GGLF 25th Anniversary 7.30pm – a licensed event held in the Worship Centre. Well attended with Barry Kahl, Pastor Bartel, Pastor Stevenson and Michael Vullings speaking. Honour board unveiled.

26/8/2012                     Special celebratory service with the school choir and Pastors Bartel & Stevenson leading the worship.

27/8/2012                     School Captains planted the time capsule in the courtyard.

August 2012                SAPSASA Soccer Carnival – Boys team finished 2nd and girls team were undefeated and ended up tying for first place with 2 other schools.




7/9/2012                       Lutheran Staff Conference at AAMI Stadium.

12/9/2012                     Yr 4/5 cluster musical matinee “Grab that Gold!”

13/9/2012                     Yr 4/5 cluster musical evening performance.

18/9/2012                     Group of 11 students, staff and parents left for Japan.

September 2012          Yr 6/7 SAPSASA netball competitions – both the girls and the boys teams won trophies in the TT Gully District competition.

Interschool Chess Comp at Tyndale Christian School – GGLPS won the bronze medal.




18/10/12                       Literacy & Numeracy Expo

30/10/12                       Forum at Endeavour College re transition of yr 7s to Endeavour College in 2016. Dr Loyd Fyffe spoke.

31/10/12                       VIP Evening





2/11/12                         LENS Athletics Carnival

26/11/12                       P&F AGM Margot Mertin elected as Chairperson

29/11/12                       Helper’s morning tea

30/11/12                       School choir sang at Hope Valley Lutheran Homes




2/12/12                         GGLPS & GGLF Annual Family Day held on the oval

6/12/12                         YEAR 6/7 Showcase in Worship Centre

13/12/12                       Closing Chapel 2.30pm and Graduation Service 7pm

Farewell presentations to Valmai Henderson(teacher),

Tracey Dabinett (P&F Chair and School council member),

Stephen Kuchar (School Council member)

School Captains announced: Chelsea Hampel, Brendan Bond

Deputy Captains:Abigail Johnson, Elijah Schutz








Lachlan Ahrens (former student of GGLPS) announced as Dux of Endeavour

3/2/13                            Staff Installation at GGLF followed by lunch in Admin Bldg.

James Salisbury installed

Jacquie Dowden replacing Adele Erskine until recovered   from back injury




                                      SAPSASA Tea Tree Gully District Champions 2013

5/3/13                            GGLPS hosted 150 student s from other schools for an ALWS Awareness Day. (Curries for lunch)

25/3/13                         The Noerdlingen Knabenkapelle youth orchestra from Bavaria performed in the Worship Centre. They were also performing in the Adelaide Town Hall. They enjoyed a lunch provided for them in the Admin Building.

SAPSASA ATHLETICS – GGLPS finished equal second in the small school competition.

26/3-28/3/13                 Yr 6 camp at Woodhouse and yr 7 aquatic camp at Murraylands.




Keita starts – new Japanese Assistance Teacher

8/4/13                            Chess Competition at Tyndale – GGLPS bronze medal

Principal and teachers visiting from Asaroka

28/4/13                         GGAF Fishing Fete in carpark




13/5/13                         LENS CELEBRATION – YR 5-7 students from the primary schools and yr 8 & 9 students from Endeavour College gathered together  to celebrate their connectedness with a special LENS Worship service.

20/5-22/5/13                 yr 4/5 camp at Aldinga

24/5/13                         Special Person’s Afternoon



4/7/13                            School purchased a Higer Munro 27 seater bus from W.A.

18/7-29/7/13                 Daryl Trigg, Carly Bergen and members of GGLF visited Asaroka PNG




                                      A group of yr 7 students attended Cosmic Cluster Camp at Woodhouse.

During Science Week – parents came into school to work with groups and conduct experiments etc. Students also attended Endeavour College for science activities.




10/9/2013                     School Photos


13/9/13                         Sports Day – postponed due to bad weather.

14/9-15/9/13                 BO held at Blancetown

17/9/13                         Forum held at Endeavour College re 2016 changes

18/9/13                         School Captains organised Yr 2/3 Disco

19/9/13                         Amber Lownds replaced Sue Prideaux (LSL) until end of the year.

26/9/13                         Numeracy Expo

27/9/13                         Sports Day – Sunnybrook won




23/10/13                       Parents advised via newsletter that in 2014 we will be restructuring school in response to the ‘single entry’ intake policy (which will mean only one intake at start of the year. Also using this opportunity to make other changes. In 2014 school to go to 11 classes. Rec (2), Yr 1/2 (3), Yr 4/5 (2), Yr 6/7 (2).

October                         Container loaded ready to be shipped to Asaroka.

30/10/13                       VIP Evening.

31/10/13                       Information Night, 7pm held at Endeavour regarding the

structural changes to our school in 2016




1/11/13                         Special Chapel service for All Saints Day. Candles lit in memory of loved ones who passed away during the past 12 months and their names were read out.

LENS Athletics Carnival. Won by St Paul. GGLPS 3rd.

2/11/13                         GGLPS & GGLF Crazy Hats & Crazy Hair Quiz Night.

6/11/13                         Information Night, 7pm held at GGLPS regarding the

structural changes to our school in 2016

6/11-8/11/13                 Yr 2/3 camp at Narnu

15/11/13                       BO – Camping at Mt Crawford Forrest.

17/11/13                       Confirmation of yr 7 students

25/11/13                       P&F AGM- Gary Scott (Chairperson) Tanya Wilson Vice-Chairperson




1/12/13                         GGLPS & GGLF Family Picnic Day

5/12/13                         Helper’s Morning Tea

6/12/13                         Yr 7 Graduation Dinner

10/12/13                       Japanese Culture Day

12/12/13                       Closing service 2.30pm and End of Year Service 7pm.

School chairperson – Steve McLuckie left.

James Ziersch left GGLPS to go to Lutheran Homes Glynde.

Carly Bergen went O/Seas on leave for 12 months.

School Captains announced: Isaac Norrey, Grace Atta, Clinton Nitschke and Lulu O’Donnell.

20/12/13                       Dinner on the Deck for Keita’s 21st, attended by staff and families.







28/1/14                         Term 1 begins.

Courtyard Shade Project – school running a fundraising project to build a shade structure across the courtyard.

29/1/14                         Parent Information Night

January                        Iconia tablets purchased through funding by P&F.

31/1/14                         Installation of school staff at Chapel.






2/2/14                            Introduction of school staff at 9.30am Worship and

installation of School Council. New Chairperson Genevieve Freund. New council members: Gary Scott, Simon Kahl.

7/2/14                            Yr 3/4A led Chapel with ‘Harvest Thanksgiving’ theme and students donated food items, and also took part in the church service on Sunday 9/2/14.

14/2/14                         Reception students and new yr 1 & yr 2 students were presented with their ‘Lion’s First Bible’ at Chapel by Elnora Schmocker on behalf of GGLF who donate the bibles.

February                       Courtyard Shade fundraising project started.

28/2/14                         BO overnight camping trip.




3/3/14                            ALWS Awareness Day held at GGLPS. Approx 75 students attended from Lutheran schools in Adelaide. With the assistance of parents and staff, Cambodian recipe, curries were provided.

3/3/14                            SAPSASA swimming – GGLPS were equal first in the small schools division

4/3/14                            Amanda Kramer from Jetset Travel at Port Adelaide presented the senior classes with a cheque for $800 to go towards purchasing robots for their robotic class.

11/3 – 14/3/14              Yrs 3-7 swimming lessons at Waterworld.

12/3/14                         GGLPS said goodbye to Keita our wonderful Japanese Assistant Teacher with a special school assembly and a

staff morning tea.

21/3/14                         Twilight Sports Day – won by Grenfell 163 points, Sunnybrook 159 and Richardson 145.

24/2/14                         The manager from Woolworths at Golden Grove came along to Assembly to present the school with the resources chosen by the staff from the shopping program.

26/3 – 28/3/14              Yr 6 camp at Woodhouse and Yr 7 at Murraylands Aquatic Camp.

30/3/14                         Fishing Fete – beautiful weather and a great crowd.

Yr 4/5 made $1801.45 from the crab net raffle and proceeds to be used for the yr 4/5 innovative collaborative learning space.




25/4/2014                     Graham Maddren along with the school captains attended the Anzac Day Service at Tea Tree Gully and laid a wreath.

27/4/2014                     Takumi the school’s new Japanese Assistant Teacher arrived from Japan.




6/5/2014                       LENS Worship service with students from yr5-7 from the primary schools and yr 8 & 9 from Endeavour attending the special service to celebrate our connectedness.

7/5/2014                       Brianna Footer took part in the semi-final against a7 other schools at Ignatius College and came in 3rd.

20/5/2014                     SAPSASA girls & boys soccer carnival.

The boys came 2nd, losing only one game to the eventual winners Wynn Vale P.S.

23/5/2014                     Special Person’s Afternoon. Well attended and the P&F organised a Devonshire Tea.

27/5/2014                     Debating – Clay Fulcher, Gianni Romano and Jamaica Cuthbert won the debate at Wilderness College.

May 2014                     15 girls and 13 boys competed in the Tea Tree Gully SAPSASA soccer carnival. The girls put in a good effort. The boys came second, losing only one game all day to the eventual winners, Wynn Vale PS.

23/5/2014                     Special Person’s Afternoon




21/7/2014                     We farewelled Takumi, our Japanese intern who had to return early to Japan due to his girlfriend being unwell.

28/7/2104                     The school started offering Subway lunch orders on Mondays and Tuesdays when the canteen is closed.

This was organised through the Modbury outlet owned by

a school family. Very popular but also caused a furore in the media, print and tv, radio with Daryl & Tim conducting interviews for radio and tv. The media took it to be because we didn’t have volunteers. We set them straight.




1/8/2014                       Cloe Richardson (yr 1/2 teacher) left to go on maternity leave.        

                                      Literacy and Numeracy Parent Afternoon in yr 3/4

18/8/2014                     Book Week – Splash Theatre Company entertained the students.

20/8/2014                     Rec-Yr 2 Concert matinee

21/8/2014                     Rec-Yr 2 Concert – evening prerformance

29/8/2014                     Sean W Smith led Chapel Worship




5/9/2014                       175th Anniversary of Lutheran Schools. Held at the Entertainment Centre for all pimary and secondary staff.

17/9/2014                     Circus Splendida – Yr 3/4/5 musical matinee performance.

18/9/2014                     Circus Splendida – Yr 3/4/5 musical evening performance.

23/9/2014                     School trip to Japan and returned 4/10/2014.




14/10/2014                   Yr 3/4 art workshop at Endeavour in preparation for the Endeavour Art Showcase on 13th November.

22/10/2014                   Advised returning to 12 classes in 2015.

29/10/2014                   VIP Night




12/11/2014                   Daryl attended the opening of the new Design and Technology Centre at Endeavour College.

13/11/2014                   Orientation Evening

22/11/2014                   Kate Dempster (Reception teacher) married Matthew Burton

24/11/2014                   P&F AGM – Gary Scott re-elected as Chairman.

27/11/2014                   Yr 6/7 Showcase

30/11/2014                   Open Day held on a Sunday afternoon




4/12/2014                     Volunteer’s morning tea.

School Choir sang at Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre.

5/12/2014                     Graduation Dinner at The Valley Inn at Hope Valley.

6/12/2014                     James Salisbury (yr 1/2 teacher married Felicity.

7/12/2014                     Church/School picnic. Worship with Reception students singing followed by Father Christmas and picnic.

11/12/2014                   End of year service and graduation. Stuart Fillmore presented with a gift on leaving School Council.

Cloe Richardson will be Art teacher in 2015 whilst Skye Geyer on maternity leave. 3 yr 6 school captains (Peyton Hampel, Holly Schutz and Lachlan Williams) were chosen along with 3 year 7 school captains (Max Bird, Maegan Koch and Macie Roberts) in preparation for both yr 6 and 7 students leaving the schoolin 2015.





27/1/15                         Term 1 begins. Newsletter front page mentioned about the wonderful effort by GGLF and GGLPS community to look after families caught up in the Sampason Flat bushfires. Meals were cooked, hay was sourced for farms and goods delivered.

The Courtyard Shade project is going ahead. Confirmation was received of a government grant and with the fundraising there is enough money to proceed. Ivan Schmocker has done an amazing job of getting the first stage completed (the poles) and in the next holidays the roof will go on.


Subway orders are now available on Mondays and Tuesdays from the Knevitt’s store. They pick up and deliver the orders.


Pastor Leon has accepted a call to Carlsruhe-Saddleworth Parish and leaves at the end of the first term.




4/2/2015                       IB/PYP – process begins with first newsletter column.


17/2/2015                     Shrove Tuesday – pancakes were provided for school families in the courtyard from 7.30am. This was well attended.


19/2/2015                     Softball SAPSASA carnival. Girls won 2 out of 3 games and came 3rd. The boys team won all of their games and came !st.


Skye Geyer (art teacher) and Adam West had a baby girl Shae Madison.


27/2/2015                     Twilight Sports Day cancelled due to the heat.




1/3/2015                       Jason Kupke (Chaplain) and Ellen Hentze married.


3/3/2015                       School photos taken in courtyard. Individual photos taken in Fellowship Centre. First time for years school photos taken in summer uniform.


6/3/2015                       Farewell chapel and assembly for Pastor Leon.


20/3/2015                     Twilight Sports Day – won by Sunnybrook narrowly winning ahead of Grenfell and followed by Richardson.


25/3-27/3                      Year 7 Aquatic camp at Murraylands

Pastor Dennis Obst came to GGLPS to help out during the vacancy.


29/3/2015                     Fishing Fete


30/3-1/4                        Yr 6 Aquatic camp at Murraylands





8/4/2015                       Note in newsletter advising parents about ‘One toOne/1:1

The students in years 3,4,5 and 6 will each have an iPad that is their own and that it is used extensively in their learning.


25/4/2015                     Meaghan & Lachlan, 2 of the school captains, laid a wreath at the Dawn service at Tea Tree Gully.


Yuko a Japanese assistant teacher is working at GGLPS this term.


30/4/2015                     Purple Picnic held as part of Autism Awareness month.

Students and staff dressed in purple clothes and purple donuts were handed out at recess. $368.60 was raised.




5/5/2015                       LENS Worship held for students from the LENS schools from yrs 5-9 at Endeavour College.


Holly Schutz took part in the Sunior Orator Semi final at Prince Alfred College.


Yr 7 students held a disco for the yr 2/3 students and raised money for Helping Hand Aged Care.


Kuno & Jay Hoklas completed the paving in the walkway ‘Commemorating Anzac Day 2015 The Centenary Year’.


6/5-8/5 2015                 Yr 4/5 camp at Hiloh Hills.


20/5/2015                     PYP Open morning.


22/5/2015                     The choir sang for the disabled at ‘Music by the Lake’ at Jubilee Way.


31/5/2015                     Community Fun Run/Walk/Ride and Opening of the Shade

Families can register for the fun run/walk and pick up points for the houses (Sunnybrook etc) &/or the bbq for the opening of the shade. This was well attended.




16/6/2015                     Jenna Price, Jamaica Cuthbert and Georgia Norris won their debate against Prince Alfred College.


17/6/2015                     The School council announce that they are planning to complete the remainder of the courtyard shade – subject to receiving a BGA grant and a bit of fundraising.


26/6/2015                     Rorys will finish providing lunches from the canteen. The school will offer Subway lunches Monday/Wednesday/Friday.




20/7/2015                     Pastor Greg Fowler has acceptyed a call to Golden Grove Lutheran Church. Pastor Dennis Obst will continue until Pastor Greg begins in January 2016.




6/8/2015                       Gabbi Bishop, Holly Schutz and Jenna Price took part in a debate at Prince Alfred College and won by 3 points.


7/8/2015                       Ned Show held for Rec – yr 5s.


19/8/2015                     MOT Day Pancake brekky




18/9/2015                     Special Person’s Afternoon




12 & 13/10/2015          PYP Verification visit


15th -23rd /10/15           Daryl visiting our sister school at Asaroka PNG.


Endeavour students came to GGLPS to work with yr 4/5 studetns on art for the Art Showcase


Yr 4/5 students raised $93 at their disco to go towards funding Nan, our school World Visions child.


28/10/2015                   VIP Night




11/11/2015                   MOT Pink Ribbon breakfast.


16/11/2015                   Growth & Family Development Evening (formerly Family Life)


20/11/2015                   PYP sharing morning.


23/11/2015                   P&F AGM.


Amanda Kramer presented a cheque to the school for $954 from corporate sponsorship – Hello World.


27/11/2015                   Farewell bbq under the shelter for Daryl, Margie Jacoby, Suz Brook, Pastor Dennis and Jon Schutz.


Charlotte Kenny was presented with a medal by Vicki CLonan fof Uni of NSW for being the highest yr 2 student in English for SA/NT.


29/11/2015                   Christmas picnic on school oval.




4/12/2015                     Deputy Principal Ray Soekov and Julie Freund Community Coordinator from Endeavour presented Darul with a gift in recognition of his service to LENS.



11/12/2015                   End of Year Service – School Captains Chelsea Norris and Zaide Johncock, Vice Captains Kendall Kahl and Jacob Freund.







1/2/2016                       Pastor Greg installed the school staff and school captains during Chapel. Marion Chan joined the staff as music and Japanese teacher.

A combined GGLPS/Wynn Vale school canteen will start up.

Grace Holmes is the new canteen manager employed by GGLPS.

Edumate – new system to record absentees, records etc.


7/2/2016                       Pastor Greg Fowler installed.

Year 6 Surf & Sun Camp held at Victor Harbor.

21/2/2016                     Staff & School Council installation/blessing at 9.30am service.

24/2/2016                     Launch of Connected Schools (along with St Paul, Good Shepherd, Salisbury Lutheran kindy and Endeavour College we have rebranded the old LENS into what will be known as Connected Schools) 9am in Worship Centre.



 9/3/2016                       SAPSASA swimming – overall our school came 4th.

MOT Hot Cross Bun brekky.


Online management system for parents to access Edumate.


18/3/2016                     Twilight Sports Day – won by Sunnybrook.


29/3/2106                     Shane Paterson began as Principal.




1/4/2016                       Installation of new principal Shane Paterson at Chapel.


25/4/2016                     The school captains attended the Anzac Day service at Tea Tree Gully memorial and laid a wreath on behalf of the school.



6/5/2016                       Connected Schools Worship – year 4-9 students at Endeavour. Over 650 students met together to celebrate the unity as Connected Schools.



1/6/2016                       MOT brekky of bacon and hash brown muffins.

8/6/2016                       SACA conducted cricket clinics with the students.

20/6/2016                     Nikita Ferraro made the 2016 TT Gully State Hockey team and competed in the state carnival at Grange.

29/6/2016                     School photos

Sergeant Norris shared Cyber Safety with yr 6 and yr  4/5.

30/6/2016                   Year 3 Showcase





3/8/2016                       Student Led Conferences


15/8/2016                     Book Week – Performance ‘Fair Dinkum Show’ and a staff read around.


20/8/2016                     P&F held a Showdown event in the Worship Centre.


24/8/2016                     MOT brekky




2/9/2016                       Lutheran Staff State Conference at Concordia met with some primary schools and some high schools. Other groups met at Immanuel Novar Gardens.


7/9/2106                       4/5 Expo


16/9/2016                     SPA Day


23/9/2016                     Students have been making up shoeboxes of love to send to children overseas. An amazing 100 shoeboxes of love were




During the October holidays Marion Chan & Carly Bergen led a group of students and parents on a trip to Japan.


12 & 13 10/2016          PYP verification visit




10/11/2016                   The Connected Schools Sports Day held at Enfield. St Paul were the winners.


15/11/2016                   At our assembly both our local members Jennifer Rankine and Tony Zappia presented the school with new flags, Australian, State and Aboriginal.


Four GGLPS students attended the Connected School Performing Arts woprkshop at St Paul Lutheran.


16/11/2016                   MOT bacon, egg and hash brown muffins brekky & Orientation Evening for new reception parents.


18/11/2016                   Opening of the Covered Outdoor Learning Area by Senator Davide Fawcett.


27/11/2016                   GGLPS/GGLC Christmas Picnic.


28/11/2016                   P&F AGM – Gary Scott and Tanya Wilson stepped down as Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. Aimee Iannone was elected as the new Chairperson and Stephen Tiller as the Vice Chairperson.


29/11/2016                   School choir sang at Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre.


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