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Students wear sport uniform on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Week 2

Foundation 2018 Newsletter

Term 2 Week 3

Angela Seeliger:

Valmai Henderson:

Kate Burton:

Amber Kothe:


Prayer Points:

We thank you God for the rain to water our gardens and for the farmers to grow our food.

Bless the ‘Mothers’ in our lives who love and care for us.



Mr. K will be leading Friday Chapel tomorrow.

Jason will be leading Friday Chapel in Week 3.


Assembly– will be held in the Worship Centre on Monday at 2:30pm. Come along and see what is happening in the GGLPS community. Year 1L, 4P, 5/6D will be sharing their learning.

On Monday afternoon, the Foundation classes will be having a session on ‘Be the Boss of your Brain’.

The Foundation S class will have their session during Assembly time.


Foundation Excursion

In your child’s take-home bag is a green information sheet and a white permission sheet about our excursion to Golden Fields Playground, on Thursday, 17th May. (We had planned to go on Monday, 14th but the school buses had been double booked) Please sign and return the white permission form to school by Monday.

We are excited to be going on our school bus to the playground, to have a picnic lunch and explore the different playground equipment. You and your child’s younger siblings are welcome to meet us there for a picnic lunch. We are praying for a fine day, but if it looks like being a wet day, then we will postpone.


Uniform Information

This term students need to wear formal winter uniform on Monday & Wednesday.

Sports Uniform will stay the same, and be worn on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Girls: white/blue long sleeve shirt, pinafore, maroon knitted jumper, plain grey socks or grey stockings, black shoes

Boys: blue long sleeve shirt, maroon knitted jumper, grey pants, grey socks, black shoes.

Please no mixing and matching uniforms. J (I.e. No short sleeve shirts with winter uniform)

While hats are not compulsory in Term 2 and 3, we still encourage the wearing of them.

There is a changeover period at the beginning to term 2 where students can choose to wear either correct summer or winter uniform depending on the weather. As a guide, 1st June is the cut off for summer uniform, after that winter uniform is to be worn.


Jolly Words

We are starting students on Jolly Words over the next few weeks. It is important students say each sound before blending the sounds together to say the word. “c, a, t – cat”

Please keep the Jolly Words book in the purple Jolly pouch in your child’s take home bag.

Here is a great YouTube that shows blending the sounds together to make simple words.


Introducing QKR – Qkr (pronounced ‘quicker’) is available now to download from the APP Store or Google Play.  QKR is an APP designed to let you order and pay for a variety of school items securely, and will include canteen orders (coming soon) and other items.  This alleviates the need to bring correct cash to school and allows you to order at a time and place that suits you.  With QKR, you’ll receive your receipts on the app and have the option to receive them via email.  It’s quick and easy, and once set up takes a short amount of time to make purchase at the click of a button.  Links are provided on the website to help you get started. 


Ultimate School Disco – For more information click here and to register click here

CC’s Family Movie Night – For more information click here and to register click here

Golden Grove Lutheran Church (GGLC) playgroup – Playgroup is run each Friday of the school term by Child Safe volunteers of GGLC and is open to all within our church, school and wider community.  Playgroup begins at 9:30am with mainly music, followed by a fruit snack and playtime.  Gold coin donation.


The week ahead:

Jolly Phonics: x, y, ch

Literacy Groups:

View and listen to ‘Hairy Maclary’s Show business’ or ‘Hairy Maclary’s Rumpus at the Vet’

Write about your favourite yoghurt/Make a ‘Yoghurt boy or girl’ character.

Practise 3 letter words with ‘x’ such as fox, six

Guided Reading group, practising reading strategies to successfully read together and individually.

Maths: Number – arrays, Space – 3D Shapes

Small groups:

Group 1: Measuring: Measuring our feet and hands using different materials OR Measuring, ordering and comparing length

Group 2: Number: ‘How many ways can you make the number?’ Recording numbers on Ladybirds OR Possum Food – recording numbers on ten frames

Group 3: 3D shapes: make shape pictures and shape nets OR Sorting shapes, experiments using 3D shapes

News talks: In your child’s News talk folder there is a new activity to discuss with your child and fill in. As we start our new Unit of Inquiry we will be looking at ‘Who We Are’- Our focus question is ‘What are your hobbies?’ What activities does your child do out of school hours?

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are: Everyday people learn more about themselves and others.


We pray that all the ‘Mums’ are spoilt on Mother’s Day but are also appreciated every day!

Keep smiling,

Angela Seeliger, Kate Burton, Valmai Henderson, Amber Kothe


 Term 2 – Monday April 30 to Friday June 29

Week 3
Tuesday May 15 – Friday May 18 NAPLAN
Tuesday May 15 Excursion 2/3SP to Woolworths and Golden Grove Recreation Park (11:00am-12:45pm)
Wednesday May 16 Principal’s Tour at 9:00am

Thursday May 17 Foundation Classes at Golden Fields Playground from 11:30am-2:30pm

Friday May 18 National Walk Safely to School Day


Week 4
Tuesday May 22 year 4-6 Christian Studies Worship at Endeavour College 10:00am
Wednesday May 23 National Simultaneous Storytime – Hickory Dickory Dash at 11am
Friday May 25 Children of Christ Movie Night in the Worship Centre from 6:30pm

Week 5
Book Fair Week
Monday May 28 Connected Schools Enrichment Program at GGLPS
Wednesday May 30 MOT brekkie from 7:45am
Friday May 31 Foundation celebration of learning

Week 6
Monday Jun 4 Camp Quality Puppet Show on June 4th ( in Worship Centre). Parents are welcome to attend. F-2 11:00am-11:30am and year 3-6 11:45am-12:15pm
Thursday Jun 7 Endeavour College musical matinee at 12:00pm
Thursday Jun 7 Endeavour College musical at 6:00pm
Friday Jun 8 Endeavour College musical matinee at 12:00pm
Friday Jun 8 Endeavour College musical at 6:00pm

Week 7
Monday Jun 11 Public Holiday Queen’s Birthday
Friday Jun 15 Children of Christ Bowling Night at Bowl Land Salisbury from 6:30pm

Week 8 
Monday June 18 P & F Meeting in the staff admin building at 7:00pm
School photos

Week 9
Friday June 29 Red Nose Day


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