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Term 4 - Week 1

It’s in the news every year and again this year the terrifying storms that lash parts of America and surrounding areas have again shown how destructive they can be. It feels as if hurricanes have rolled in one after another over the past few months. Hurricane Harvey was bad enough but then came Irma and Maria. Just recently the UK was even hit by Hurricane Ophelia.

Back in 2005 while living in the UK, my wife and I flew into Miami about a week after Hurricane Wilma had battered the city. The Category 5 Hurricane had been downgraded by the time it hit land but still the evidence of such a ferocious storm was evident. The mess was everywhere and many structures had been battered.  Boats were upturned in the waters and trees were flattened. A few months later Hurricane Katrina, which has been one of the most destructive and devastating hurricanes destroyed New Orleans. This unfortunately was still a category 5 when it hit land. The Atlantic season that year certainly dished out some of the strongest storms ever recorded as it has this year.

The power of nature is so strong and when it decides to devastate it certainly does it with ferocious force.

Our lives can be like this from time to time. When we are down it can be like a hurricane storming through knocking us from pillar to post.

I Corinthians 3:10-11 says By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as a wise builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should build with care. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Just like our buildings need a strong foundation to remain strong through storms we also need a good foundation to withstand the down times we have. Let Jesus be your foundation and strength through your life during the good and bad times.

Tim Kriewaldt

What a warm return to school we have had this week – the weather certainly changed very quickly. The students were all reminded on Monday about wearing hats, hydration and sunscreen. It is amazing to think that we are beginning our fourth and final term of school for the year – 2017 has just flown by! Fourth term is a strange one as we find ourselves in the situation of still completing this year but organising ourselves for the new year.

I trust that students and families enjoyed the holiday break. During these holidays several staff travelled to Japan to experience the culture, but also to ratify our sister school partnership with Eisugakken school in Fukiyama (which is near Hiroshima). A rather formal ceremony was conducted as part of the process. A sister school now means that we have a school to visit in Japan and our students can interact with each other  – practise language, discuss cultural and everyday life etc. I look forward to strengthening this bond and further supporting the Japanese program in the school.

Refurbishment work: Over the holidays several small projects have begun. You will have noticed the work being undertaken in the breezeway. This space will become a ‘breakout’ space where students can read / work quietly in a relaxed setting. It is hoped that this will be finished in the next few weeks. The two Reception rooms were also recarpeted and cupboards are to have new doors.

Secondly, the Student Representative Council, over the last few months, have been discussing the use of space in the undercover area. This has resulted in a ‘chill out’ zone being created at the end of Mrs. Dancis’ room. Funded by the P. & F. the students have decided on the design, purpose and furniture for this space. While there are some finishing touches needed for the area it is fantastic to see the students having a voice and being ‘heard’. P. & F. have also funded a water filling station along with two large outdoor fans in the undercover area (which should be installed in the coming weeks).

Staffing news: Miss Bergen has sadly announced her resignation from GGLPS from the end of this year. Carly has been offered a leadership position at St Paul, Blair Athol. While we are sad to see Carly leave we wish her every blessing as she takes up this new challenge. Processes are now in place to fill this vacancy.

We welcome Miss Stephanie Wurst to the school. Steph will be in the Mrs Arnold’s yr 3 class for this term while Mel takes LSL.

Mark Le Messurier: A wonderful parent workshop facilitated by well – known child psychologist Mark Le Messurier is being held on Wednesday 1st November in the Worship Centre (see newsletter insert). I would encourage as many families as possible to attend this. There are no child minding facilities being provided on this night. Once again a big thankyou to the P. & F. for funding this.

Newsletter: After the trial last term, it has been decided to distribute the newsletter on a fortnightly basis.

Every blessing for this term,




The P&F have a lot of exciting events planned for Term 4, so please save the following dates. More information will follow in the coming weeks:

  • Wednesday 1st November – Parenting Workshop facilitated by Mark LeMessurier (7:00 pm) RAISING BEAUT KIDS – What’s your parenting style? Is it working? Is it healthy and sustainable? Let’s explore! Bookings for this will open early in term 4.
  • Saturday 4th November 10 am – Westfield TTP Christmas Parade – (registrations open 27 September – 50 spots available for school families to participate in the GGLPS Group.
  • Saturday 4th November 7 pm – Trivia Night in the Worship Centre – get a table together (funds to go towards fans in the undercover area).
  • Wednesday 15th November – MOT Breakfast.
  • Sunday 26th November – Christmas Picnic – a great day for the whole family on the school oval.
  • Monday 11th December 6 – 8 pm – Twilight Carols (all classes will be involved, food vans available and the nativity story acted out).


Welcome back to Term 4 and what an amazing term we have in store! I hope all of our learning community got a chance to rest and refresh during the school holidays.

I enjoyed a peaceful break in the beautiful Flinders, with no phone coverage giving me a chance to do some reading. While reading I came across some interesting articles about how schools can best prepare our learners for the future work force.

For a long time we have spoken about not knowing what is in the future. It is clear that we need to be focusing on developing learners who are critical thinkers, confident problem solvers

that are going to be adaptable in a fast-changing environment. Independence is an important part of developing job-ready individuals.

The PYP framework assists us in developing these dispositions in our learners through the attitudes, attributes of a learner and approaches to learning (skills). Year 6 learners have over the latter part of the Term 3 have been working on their PYP Exhibition investigations. This is our first Yr. 6 exhibition unit where the learners demonstrate their learning and where we as a whole community celebrate the end of their primary years of education.

Learners have worked together investigating different interests around the central idea of ‘science and technology influences human advancement’. Investigations have taken the learners into the area of robotics, the arts, medical and health domain, recreation and everyday items we use in our lives like cars.

The learning has been individualised but also collaborative allowing for learners to access the learning at a level relevant to them. Throughout this process learners (both children and adults alike) have asked questions, taken risks, experimented, learnt from mistakes, been challenged, ventured out of comfort zones and stretched understandings to apply them to the known and unknown world.

As we value the supportive relationships we have with our community, we invite you to celebrate with us our inaugural Yr. 6 Exhibition on Thursday 2nd of November at 6pm. Our Year 6 learners will be sharing their learning throughout this exhibition and we invite you to come along, talk to them, ask them about their learning journey towards being global citizens of the future.

Ruth Carter – Teaching and Learning Coordinator


Please note that pumpkin soup will not be available in term 4 and term 1. Fruit Salad $2.50 can be added to the menu.


Saturday 4th November 7pm – Trivia Night in the Worship Centre – get a table together (funds to go towards fans in the undercover area) –


We are seeking prizes for our Trivia Night from small businesses in our school community. If you have a business and would be willing to donate something we can use as a prize, please get in touch with Aimee Iannone via email:

Golden Grove Lutheran Church (GGLC) playgroup – Playgroup is run each Friday of the school term by ChildSafe volunteers of GGLC and is open to all within our church, school and wider community.  Playgroup begins at 9:30am with mainly music, followed by a fruit snack and playtime.  Gold coin donation. Any questions please contact Natasha Jaeschke 8282 6050.

Term 4 - Week 3


“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast” (Ephesians 2:8–9)

This week marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation which began due to the actions and questioning of Martin Luther in Germany. Luther questioned the practices of the church of that time (1517) which was the Roman Catholic church; there was no Lutheran, Anglican, Uniting, ‘Edge’ (Christian / protestant) churches around at this time.

To that point in history the Catholic church, amongst other things, interpreted the bible for the people, made them pay for the forgiveness of sins (indulgences  – which paid for the building of St Pauls basilica in Rome) and essentially told them how to live their faith and lives. The people had, ‘the fear of God’, put into them.

Luther, who was a priest, in his reading of the bible, believed that God was gracious and forgave us because he loved us; it is through his grace (undeserved love) that this forgiveness occurs. It is this concept of grace that we as a school also try to practise.

Over many years as a principal I have had to deal with many instances of actions from students (and at times, adults) that have interrupted the good running of the school; swearing, stealing, class disruption…..however, God has called on us to use grace in the handling of these situations. Sure, there were consequences involved for ‘mis’ behaviour, but we are called to forgive these people, help them recognise the effect of their behaviour on others, counsel them, assist them to change their behaviour.  At times others may not have agreed with decisions made, but as a Christian school we are called on to treat others with love and respect and work together to address the issues. Forgiveness is easy to talk about, but harder to put into effect when we have been hurt.

Luther’s wonderings and questions changed the Christian church forever. We all now can know God as gracious and loving, who has given all of us the gift of eternal life – if we accept this. We can thank God for Luther and the work he did in unshackling the chains that the Catholic church, of that time, had put around the bible, faith and lives of the people and encouraging openness, transparency and accessibility to the Scriptures and emphasising the beauty of grace.


Classes 2018: Please find enclosed in this newsletter a further letter about the class allocation for next year. All the details are contained in this letter but if you require clarification do not hesitate to ask.

Staffing news: Graham Maddren in the last week has been offered and accepted a teaching position at Tyndale Christian school. The position, is one close to Graham’s heart, where he will be working with a small class of students with learning needs. We are sorry to see Graham leave but wish him every blessing as he takes up this new challenge. Staff have now been appointed to fill the vacancies created by Mel’s maternity leave and Carly and Graham’s resignations. We have been blessed to be able to have the following teachers accept positions at GGLPS. I am excited about the skill sets which they will bring to the school and look forward to welcoming them to our community.

Sally Garrett – Sally has been appointed to replace Mel while she is on maternity leave. Sally has undertaken some relief work here earlier in the year and is currently on contract at Navigator College, Port Lincoln.

Beth Waldhuter – Beth has been appointed as a permanent staff member. Beth has undertaken relief work earlier in the year here and is currently on contract at Concordia, St Johns campus. Beth has experience in the PYP having taught this programme in New Zealand.

Jayne Zadow – Jayne has been appointed as a permanent staff member. Jayne currently works at St Michaels, Hahndorf. Jayne has many year’s experience in the PYP. She is also the student wellbeing coordinator at St. Michaels and will coordinate worship for us.

Mark Le Messurier: A wonderful parent workshop facilitated by well – known child psychologist Mark Le Messurier is being held this evening (Wednesday 1st November) in the Worship Centre beginning at 7:00 pm. I would encourage as many families as possible to attend this. There are no child minding facilities being provided. Once again a big thankyou to the P & F. for funding this.



Agency, a word that means so many things,

  • ‘an establishment’
  • ‘part of a government’
  • ‘the office or function of an agent’

In our learning context, the focus is on the following meaning


The concept of learner agency has been at the forefront of education for quite a while. Focusing on learners having the power to act through the educational process, developing independence. This starts when they are very young, being able to hold a spoon and feed themselves, being able to choose a book and give it to someone to read to them. It involves initiative, trial and error.

As children get older and begin to learn more about the world in which they live, initiative, risk taking and self-regulation all contribute to the action they take.

Research says that learners need to believe that their behaviour and approach to learning will affect them personally. Learners need to be aware that the decisions they make and actions they take have consequences not only for themselves but for others too. Student agency does not mean children are being left to their own devices, there is an interdependence within the social context of the classroom.

We know that our children need to be encouraged to be agents of their own learning. The skills and dispositions they learn will prepare them for life beyond the school walls, into their work and personal life.

GGLPS believe that learner agency needs to be intentional, this involves creating an environment and opportunities for all learners to be active participants and not passive recipients.

What does it look like?

  • Involving learners in choices about the what, how and why of learning

e.g. Learning intentions shared and discussed with students, student choice of how they present their understanding, developing assessment expectations together etc.

  • Delivery of curriculum – student centric not teacher centric

e.g. variety of learning opportunities presented, small group, individually, peer to peer instruction, collaboration, reflection of learning etc.

  • Authentic and engaged learner voice, reflected in day to day decisions in their learning spaces and around the school

e.g. setting individual goals, behaviour goals, input into operating procedures within the learning space, physical environment, SRC, reflection of units of inquiry for whole school program, etc.

Like when children first take the spoon from the parent so they can feed themselves, it takes time, they make a mess and they struggle with challenges. As we foster the development of learner agency in our learning community, it will take time and there will be plenty of challenges along the way, so let’s celebrate every step of the journey as they become the best that they can be.


©2017 CORE Education, Accessed 28/10/17

Promoting Student Agency Webinar, Uploader – Marzano Research

Uploaded – Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 9:23 AM EST

Vimeo, Accessed 28/10/17

 Dear Community,

You may have already heard of the Audio Collection Project and I am desperately calling for more people to participate, up to 300 in total aging from 16-65, in the next 4 weeks.  The funding for the project is $12000 and you will receive $30 for participating and $10 per participation will be accredited to the church. I see it as a good opportunity for the community to come together. I really appreciate all the support. The purpose of the audio recording is for voice recognition technology research and this is used for voice controlled devices.

If you are able to spare one hour during the day (anytime from 8am – 8pm including weekends), there are a few ways you could join in:

Facebook page: Audio Recording Groups Registration, and there information can be found for registering online (shown as below) .

Find it on EventBrite website and look for ‘Audio Recording Project Registration’ –  Morning sessions;        (- Afternoon sessions) (-Evening sessions)

o   Link to Morning Sessions

o   Link to Afternoon Sessions

o   Link to Evening Sessions

Contact me via email:

Contact the church office (82826050) to put down your name and contact details so that I could work out a time slot for you.

The location is at the ‘Chapel’ room in the church, which can be found next to the gate through to ggosh.

Walk-ins are welcome.

Please bring your family and friends and let’s make it happen together.

Many thanks

Susan Li (Hudson and Lincoln’s mum)


LOUNGE WANTED – We are after a 2 or 3 seater lounge to put in our new breakout area. Can you help? Please see Shane or Tim.

CCs ROTATION NIGHT – Cut off for replies 5pm today!

Movies, Games and Christmas Craft

30 mins at each activity. Gold Coin donation

November 3rd 6.30pm – 8pm Bring a drink bottle – light snack provided. Register via school website

Golden Grove Lutheran Church (GGLC) playgroup – Playgroup is run each Friday of the school term by ChildSafe volunteers of GGLC and is open to all within our church, school and wider community.  Playgroup begins at 9:30am with mainly music, followed by a fruit snack and playtime.  Gold coin donation. Any questions please contact Natasha Jaeschke 8282 6050.







Ruth Carter – Teaching and Learning Coordinator

Term 4 - Week 5

Gifts and Talents

Who’s got talent, Talent Quest, The X factor, Australian Idol, So you think you can dance, The Voice, the list goes on. Some of our community could comfortably audition and no doubt may even get a chance on these shows, but what about those of us that can’t hold a tune or have two left feet?

We know that every individual has talents or gifts spanning a variety of areas. They can include: hospitality, organisation, music, language, listening, knowledge, strength, management, etc.

As a Christian, I believe that God has given us all unique abilities, talents, and gifts that best suit His purpose. These talents set you apart from other people, they are unique to you.

So what? What do we do with these talents and gifts? We could just focus on ourselves, make money, retire early and enjoy life. God didn’t give you these talents to keep them to yourself. He gave you gifts and talents to benefit others and He gave gifts and talent to others to benefit you.

This week we have heard the parable of the talents from Matthew 25:14-30. Like the third servant we could hide our talent, keep it to ourselves and not grow it, but it is clear that God doesn’t want this to happen. He wants us to come together as community, where everyone matters and every person has a place.

So, if you are gifted with cooking, listening, singing, teaching, caring, organising etc. God has given these talents and gifts to you to serve others. As it says in 1 Peter 4:10 ‘Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.’ God has given you the responsibility to manage your gifts and talents, no matter how small. He sees each one as equally important.

Are you using your gifts and talents to contribute to this community, this world? Your talents and gifts are like a muscle that needs to be used or it will waste. Don’t be afraid to use your talents or gifts, don’t hide it or get lazy, use your gifts and talents to benefit others as they were designed. If you use your gifts and talents wisely God will strengthen these gifts and give you more.

Praise God for the gifts and talents we have in our community through our families, class carers, P&F, staff, volunteers and especially through our students.

Ruth Carter

Classes 2018:  Communication around this has now closed and class allocations will occur over the next few weeks. Teachers may still approach parents seeking advice etc. from you, regarding your child’s placement. It is a very important exercise and with input from parents, students and largely, teacher’s knowledge of the students, allocations are made. This information will be released on Friday 8th December, along with reports and portfolios.


Booklists 2018: Booklists for the 2018 school year will be distributed in the next week. Please note that there is a cost recorded for an ‘e-portfolio’ – students work will be recorded and stored electronically. Some classes have been trialling this format during the year through the app, ‘Seesaw’. This is replacing the folder and sleeves which have traditionally housed the student’s work for your perusal and information (which cost over $10 previously).


Uniform review: During last term parents were invited to provide responses about the current school uniform. A small working group has analysed these responses and are currently reviewing the uniform in light of these. While not stated in the current uniform policy, I would encourage you (when buying new sport shoes) to endeavour to buy shoes which complement school colours and not buy bright fluro colours. Further information about the uniform review will be shared next year.

Please also note that hair accessories should be in the school colours of maroon or navy blue (or white). There is increasingly number of bright colours being worn.

ipads yr 4 2018: During the next week current yr 3 students will receive a letter about ipads. If you have any questions about this please contact myself or Tim.





Instrumental tuition at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School is encouraged and well supported.  Some families prefer the convenience of lessons being provided at school.

We work in collaboration with a number of qualified, experienced and skilled instrumental instructors and the company, Learning Through Music to provide our students with access to lessons within school hours using school facilities.

We have in the past offered tuition in piano or keyboard, voice, drums, guitar and violin. When parents request instrumental tuition, we act as the ‘connector’ facilitating contact between instructor and parent.

The parent(s) and instructor will then enter into an agreement

for the instructor to provide lessons, in return for a fee to be paid by the parent(s). The School is not a party to that agreement.

At this time of year, the instructors and coordinators are re-evaluating the feasibility of providing instruction for each of the instruments.


We ask that you complete the on-line form indicating continuance of tuition, non-continuance of tuition and new enrolments for the 2018 school year.

If you would like further information please email me your questions at

We look forward to hearing beautiful music from

our students.


On Thursday 2/11 we celebrated our inaugural Year 6 Exhibition, feedback from our community has been collected and we encourage you to please pass on any feedback to either Michelle, Graham, Shane, Tim or myself.  We are currently taking into consideration these reflections and beginning to plan for yet another great Year 6 Exhibition in 2018!

A huge thanks goes out to all involved, learners, staff, mentors and our community, together we Believe, Collaborate and Achieve.

Ruth Carter  –   Teaching and Learning Coordinator


The uniform shop will be open in January by appointment as per the following days/times.


Friday 19th January 8.30am – 4pm

Monday 22nd January 8.30am – 12.45pm

Tuesday 23rd January 8.30am – 4pm

Wednesday 24th January 8.00am – 12.45pm

Thursday 25th January 8.30am – 12.45pm


Please contact Elaine in the office before the end of this term to make an appointment.

BOOK/STATIONERY LISTS – Please note that payment will be required by Monday 4th December. Pick up will be Friday 19th January, Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th January from 8.30am-4pm.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Operation Christmas Child project for this year. We were able to deliver over 70 boxes this year, to children who will gratefully receive them for Christmas. Our shoeboxes are headed for Madagascar! Your donation, however big or small, helps to build a giving and generous community here at GGLPS.

80’S TRIVIA NIGHT – We raised more than $1800 which will go towards funding more robotics equipment for the school.

A huge thanks to the following who donated prizes for the raffle: P.A.L.S., Xtreme Inflatables, Arbonne, It Works, Schnithouse, Norwex, School Years Photo Frames, Bowland Salisbury and Soul Food Café.

We hope that everyone had a great night.


The Gifts of Grace leaflets have been sent home with your child today. This is a wonderful way to give a gift which keeps on giving, especially to families who are in so much need in developing countries.

Each year the school staff buy gifts of grace in lieu of buying Kris Kringle gifts.

CCs Wheels Night Friday 24th November

Register via school website


Golden Grove Lutheran Church (GGLC) playgroup – Playgroup is run each Friday of the school term by ChildSafe volunteers of GGLC and is open to all within our church, school and wider community.  Playgroup begins at 9:30am with mainly music, followed by a fruit snack and

playtime.  Gold coin donation. Any questions please contact Natasha Jaeschke 8282 6050.


Fresh Christmas trees available –Holy Cross Lutheran Church at Birdwood are once again supplying fresh, high quality Christmas trees at $40 ea.  Orders are to be placed through our Admin office by 29th November. Trees will be delivered and available for pick up on Sat 9th December either from GGLPS or a location close by.

Church this Sunday is in the Worship Centre at Golden Grove Lutheran Church

9.30am with Pastor Greg sharing the message

‘Being generous’

Children please join us for Kids at Heart children’s ministry time. This Sunday’s Bible Song topic is ‘Parable of the bags of gold’

Followed by tea/coffee and fellowship.

6.30pm Salt Factory SERVICE AT 6.30PM. You are welcome to come for a light meal at 5.45pm (gold coin donation).

It would be great to have your company.


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