Practical ideas to build healthy, resilient young people with Mark LeMessurier

What is this thing we call resilience?

The term resilience is used in mental health to describe a person’s capacity to cope with changes and challenges, and to bounce back during difficult times. The focus of Mark’s work, and this very practical seminar, is to show parents how to be the BEST resilience coach for their children.

Why is resilience in human beings such a prized quality?

Resiliency is such a prized quality as it positions individuals for the inevitable challenges that await them in the future. While the interplay of genetics and environment on resiliency are complex, there is much we can do to steer our children in healthy, more resilient directions.

So, come on, take the challenge with me; let’s explore what you can realistically do to improve your children’s happiness, resiliency and mental health. There’s a lot you can be doing! So often it is the simple easy to remember strategies that engage children to think realistically and logically, that transforms behaviour and sets up healthy, resilient lives.

Mark Le Messurier will be speaking about practical ideas to build healthy, resilient young people at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School on Wednesday 5th September at 7pm.


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