Student Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences allow students to have the opportunity to share their learning with their parents/caregivers. They are led by the students themselves. The students get to share their learning journey, demonstrate a deeper understanding of their learning, take ownership of their learning and behaviours, and have quality one-on-one time with their parents/carers. Read more about Student-Led Conferences in the latest newsletter.

To book your time and day, go to School Interviews and paste code uwmr3.

If you require your child’s siblings to be looked after, please fill out the form below.



What do parents need to know?

  • SLCs will be held in Week 9 on Tuesday, June 22 and Wednesday, June 23
  • A student will conference with their parents for a 1-hour timeslot. Therefore, if you have 2 children at GGLPS, you will need to book for 2 hours…
  • There will be 3 timeslots available each night.
  • This is a time for your child to share their learning. This is not a time to meet with the teacher.
  • Please read Mrs Zadow’s article in the newsletter to learn more about the purpose of SLCs.
  • We are currently working out how PE will run. Outside sessions will be dependent on the weather and daylight hours. Stay tuned for more information in regard to this
  • Students will be able to visit the Art and Japanese rooms as part of their SLC if time permits, or before or after their SLC. However, the rooms will close at 6.30 so please plan to come before your SLC if you are in the latest timeslot.



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