Sport Day 31 March 2023

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Friday March 31st Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School students will participate in their annual Sports Day. Students will be involved in a range of tabloid and relay events from 9:30am to approximately 11:45am. We will then have a short interval before holding our annual relays, including our STAR Relay event, aiming for a finish at normal lunch time (12:45- 1pm).

In order to help Sports Day, run as smoothly as possible for everyone, we ask that the following be observed:

  • School starts at normal time (8:30am) and finishes at normal time.
  • Students come to school in sports uniform. Plain t-shirts in house colours (red, yellow or green) are allowed.
  • Sneakers must be worn; hair is to be tied back and wearing a school hat is essential.
  • No canteen lunch orders are available on the day.
  • Café connect will be open, P and F will be running a BBQ sausage sizzle, the Church will be holding a cake stall, and there will be a coffee van available.
  • Students must bring a drink bottle and sunblock is to be worn. Coloured zinc, coloured nail polish and/or dying of hair are permitted but must be done at home. Any coloured spray, nail polish or zinc brought to school will be confiscated. Students booked into GGOSH in the AM are able to apply their coloured zinc (only) at GGOSH prior to going to class. Students must then give their coloured zinc to their teacher for the remainder of the day.
  • If you are planning to come along during the tabloid session between 9:30am- 11:45am, and you are able to assist with some scoring, please let Adele McCusker know ASAP. We will ensure you are scheduled on to help at your child’s event.
  • A timetable of the events and a schedule will be coming home soon.
  • School starts at the normal time (8:30-8:45am) and finishes at the normal time. Should you wish to collect your child earlier, at the conclusion of sports day (approx. 12:45 pm) please fill in the form below


Kind regards,

Adele McCusker

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