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Our Past

Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School (GGLPS) was founded in 1987 in the then, new subdivision of Wynn Vale. Sited amongst old vineyards, Golden Grove Lutheran Church congregation and the school offered Christian education to the new and developing community.

The school was established, along with Wynn Vale Primary School, under an agreement with the State Government which created a shared-campus arrangement.

This arrangement exists to this day, with both schools successfully sharing the library and canteen facilities (located on the Wynn Vale campus).

Our Present

GGLPS is one of 72 systemic Lutheran schools in Australia that has God’s Word and worship at the centre of life. Through the Lutheran faith we share a history of schooling in Australia spanning 175 years.

GGLPS is a member of ‘Connected Schools’, an alliance of northern suburbs Lutheran schools and kindergarten. While GGLPS itself offers education from Foundation through to Year 6, our students also have the opportunity, through the Connected Schools relationship, to experience the richness of Lutheran education from kindergarten through to Year 12.

As an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, GGLPS has been accredited to offer the Primary Years Programme (PYP) since 2015. Through the PYP, students develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills and knowledge, develop attitudes and learn to take socially responsible action.

Along with the Australian Curriculum, the school has developed a strong curriculum which is significant, meaningful and challenging to the students; we aim to develop students who can contribute positively and effectively to their local and global community.


Our Future

While we acknowledge the past and the strong foundations which have been laid, we also look to the future to ensure that our teaching and learning program stays up to date.

Our use of learning spaces, furniture, teaching methodology and technology reflect current educational thinking and changes are implemented after rigorous research and thought about the effects they will have on the teaching and learning program.