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Mission & Vision for the Child

Mission: To provide a program of education which is comprehensive and contemporary, embeds lifelong values, and encourages global citizenship, within an inclusive Christ-centred community.

Vision: Within a Christ-centred community, a student at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School is an inquiring, knowledgeable and caring child of God. Who helps to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

The school’s foundational values are encompassed through the values of love, collaborate, explore.


We reflect God’s love for us be caring for others and our world, considering their needs and wellbeing with compassion, kindness and respect.


We listen carefully, speak confidently and share ideas and resources generously. We help each other and reach out to serve the wider community.


We are curious about the world around us, exploring new ideas and experiences with an open mind and a desire to inquire, learn and grow.

“Since moving to Golden Grove, we’ve just found that the philosophy of the school and about learning has fitted our child so much more. They are really valued for who they are”.

Our Vision

Our Vision to 2028 is to create a sustainable future for the growth of Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School and to maintain and evolve our culture. With this in mind, we have designed our Strategic Plan around four priorities:

  • Excellence and innovation in learning
  • Well-being and culture
  • Community and Partnerships
  • School
  • Development

We strive to develop each of these priorities through our foundational Lutheran faith and a Christ centred approach.

To read more, click below to go to our Strategic Initiatives page.