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Strategic Initiatives and Annual Report

Strategic Plan

At Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School, our strategic vision is to cultivate a dynamic learning environment that fosters holistic development, academic excellence, and social responsibility among our students.

Our key objectives encompass enhancing curriculum delivery through innovative teaching methodologies that cater to diverse learning styles, promoting inclusive practices to ensure every student feels valued and supported, and strengthening partnerships with parents and the community to create a cohesive educational ecosystem.

Additionally, we aim to prioritise the integration of technology to enhance learning outcomes and equip students with essential digital skills for the future.

Our Vision to 2028

To create a sustainable future for the growth of Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School and to maintain and evolve our culture, we have designed our Strategic Plan around four priorities:

• Excellence and innovation in learning
• Well-being and culture
• Community and Partnerships
• School Development

We strive to develop each of these priorities through our foundational Lutheran faith and a Christ centred approach. As depicted in the diagram, Jesus is the centre from which these priorities evolve.

Below, we articulate, for each priority, where we want the school to be by 2028. In some areas success requires maintaining our current level of achievement, whereas for others there is stronger room for growth to where we desire to reach.


Students set goals, plan for growth and celebrate achievements.

Teaching practice guided by the IB Framework provides student agency and learning that is differentiated, inquiry based, interesting, relevant and engaging.

We utilise data, action research and reflection to ensure each student enjoys strong growth in their learning.

Students develop strong capacity for creativity and innovation, understanding themselves as learners.

Students are prepared for a socially and technologically complex future, in which they are empowered to take action to bring about change.

Staff continually develop and extend their skills and capacities, including as teachers of inquiry.

Diverse, well-supported and appreciated co- and extra-curricular programs.

Staff and parents work in partnership, with clear and consistent communication about student learning, progress and activities.


Students are optimistic and resilient, with a sense of hope, self-regulate effectively and feel supported.

Students, staff and parents live the values and enjoy high standards of behaviour and wellbeing.

Parents feel positive about their engagement with and support from the school.

Staff are engaged, supported and valued.

The school is an employer of choice.

Staff, students and parents have opportunity to explore God’s love for them and their personal faith.


Students, staff and parents feel a strong connection with each other and are active in the school community.

The nature of the school community makes students, staff and families from diverse cultures and faiths feel they belong and are valued.

Staff practice draws on and extends staff talents and passions.

Staff, students and parents report high levels of satisfaction with communications, information sharing and relationships.

High levels of brand recognition and positive perceptions across the independent sector, education networks and in the wider community.

A close and ever-growing partnership is enjoyed between the school and church.

Positive, mutually-beneficial partnerships are enjoyed between the school and key stakeholders.


An ELC offering long day care on campus.

Increased enrolment intakes annually.

A long term financial plan supports the efficient delivery of operational and capital investment priorities.

A master plan provides a roadmap towards flexible learning spaces and outdoor spaces designed to support learning, social and physical development.

School infrastructure, services, systems and structures effectively support operational needs.

The School Board is consultative, collaborative and has effective oversight of strategy, resourcing, risk and key partnerships within a strong governance framework.

Annual Report

Our School Report provides a snapshot into life at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School.

Please download our latest report below.