Believe, Collaborate, Achieve

The school’s foundational values are encompassed through the values of believe, collaborate, achieve.


“We believe that all people matter. We believe in Jesus and our abilities which are uniquely gifted by God. We believe in delivering an educational program that is relevant, engaging and challenging.”


We believe:

  • that we have been intentionally created and are uniquely gifted by God.
  • that we have been created to live in a relationship with God and others.
  • in offering a comprehensive and contemporary program which addresses academic, social, physical and spiritual needs of the student.
  • in providing an educational programme that is significant, relevant, engaging and challenging.
  • in caring for one another, ensuring everyone is welcome
  • that every child is unique, and that learning is innovative and contemporary.
  • in doing things better than ever before
  • in the partnership with Golden Grove Lutheran Church and that Worship and Chaplaincy programs nurture students in their identity and their values


“In our community we collaborate through open, honest and effective communication. We respect each other’s views and beliefs knowing they can also be right, as it takes a village to raise a child.”


We collaborate:

  • to build strong supportive relationships within our community in service of others.
  • through open, honest effective communication with all members of the community.
  • through respecting the views and beliefs of others.
  • through partnerships providing students with a supportive and caring environment so learning is optimised.
  • to work as a team to achieve the highest possible professional standards providing students with an inspiring, engaging and tailored learning environment
  • to listen to students and encourages enquiry as they build strong supportive relationships with one another in their learning
  • to involve parents by working in partnership to provide students with a supportive and caring environment so learning is optimised


“We achieve by challenging ourselves as we grow, inspire and respond to the needs of others by striving for aspirational goals with confidence.”


We achieve:

  • by valuing learning as God’s gift to people for their wonder, growth and to inspire them to respond to the needs of the world.
  • when students are engaged and passionate about their learning maximising their God given abilities.
  • by empowering students to embrace the future with confidence.
  • through fostering a community which is warm, welcoming and engaging
  • supporting Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School students to love to learn and flourish by taking well considered chances
  • growing Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School students to be inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, courageous, balanced, and reflective goes beyond academic success
  • The Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School academic program with IB PYP at its core, supports students to achieve their best.



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