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Diverse Learning & Individual Differences

At Golden Grove Lutheran, we support the individual learning needs of all students.

Our Individual Differences team, led by Mr Tim Kriewaldt our Deputy Principal, provides support and guidance for the effective differentiation of all aspects of the curriculum, in order to effectively address the diverse individual learning needs of all students. Our team consistently strives to best meet the individual needs of our students in order to honour each child’s individuality.

In honouring each child’s individuality, the school provides rich educational programs which offer appropriate, targeted learning opportunities for all students, including those who are academically able, those who require additional intervention and every child in between.

Our staff are flexible in their approach to learning and pedagogy, utilising a broad range of evidence-based strategies to ensure that each of our learners is able to their full potential.

Lutheran Education values the individuality of each learner – we are passionate about supporting a range of student learning styles and needs, and differentiating for the board range of learning capacities and stages of progression within each class.

We have a broad range of programs and structures in place to assist students, which are grounded in research, and we work closely with families to achieve the best outcome for each child.

Inclusive Education

Our Deputy Principal, Mr Tim Kriewaldt, oversees our Inclusive Education program. This includes working with AISSA Consultants who specialise in learning support, external professionals including speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologist, families and staff in order to develop and regularly review Individual Learning Plans, to support children with specific learning needs, communicating regularly and transparently with our families.

Lutheran School Officers

We have a number of Lutheran School Officers (LSO’s) as members of our staff team, who work with our students to support their learning.

School Counsellor and Chaplain

Our School Counsellor, Ms Evie Donoghue, holds Bachelors and Masters level degrees in psychology, counselling and wellbeing, and works closely with families, our individual differences team and teachers to support students. Along with Mr Joel Schiller, our School Chaplain, both are available to children and families to provide caring and insightful support with issues or concerns that may arise either within the school or at home from time to time.

‘Hub’ Literacy and Numeracy Teachers

Mr Tim Kriewaldt, our Deputy Principal, and Mrs Jayne Zadow, our Director of PYP, Teaching and Learning, also act as our Hub Literacy Teacher and Hub Numeracy Teacher, who supporting our teaching team in developing, delivering and evaluating their literacy and numeracy programs, as well as working with students on a daily basis, providing additional support in areas including writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy.


MacqLit is an explicit and systematic reading intervention program for small groups of students who benefit from intensive literacy support. It provides a comprehensive sequence of lessons that includes all the key components necessary for effective reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Sensory Support

We have a dedicated sensory facility within our wellbeing hub staffed by our School Counsellor and Chaplain, to support students require access to a dedicated space and equipment to support sensory processing needs.