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Gifted & Talented Education

Our Gifted and Talented education program provides opportunities for students to engage in intellectually stimulating enrichment and extension activities which support students’ development to become successful, confident and creative learners.

Our Principal, Mr Wallace, leads this program, having had extensive experience in teaching gifted and talented classes in primary and secondary education settings and having undertaken professional learning with GERRIC, the Gifted and Talented Education Resource Centre at the University of New South Wales.

We are committed to providing rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities to all students in line with the Australian Curriculum.

Our teachers explicitly embed high order thinking skills within their curriculum, so that all students can increase their thinking capacity and creativity.

We believe that all students have the potential to grow their skills and intellect through their studies. Growth Mindset strategies are integrated throughout the program.

Programs and activities available to support enrichment and extension currently include:

  • IPSHA Junior Orator Public Speaking
  • Debating
  • DaVinci Decathlon
  • UNSW EAA Competitions
  • Bebras Challenge
  • Oliphant Science Awards
  • Chess Club
  • National History Challenge
  • STEM Club
  • Computational and Algebraic Thinking Competition
  • Lego Robotics
“We are so pleased with the way that we can see extra curricular opportunities continuing to grow and love all of the programmes and experiences that the school offers”.