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Music & Performing Arts

The opportunity for our students to develop their capacities and passions in Music and the Performing Arts is an important and exciting part of our School’s culture and curriculum.

An overview of our wide range of co-curricular Music and Performing Arts activities include:

  • Wakakirri Drama productions
  • Festival of Music
  • Worship Band
  • Junior and Senior Choir
  • Instrumental lessons during the school day for flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin, piano, guitar, electric bass, drums/percussion and voice(singing)
  • Instrumental Concerts
  • Opportunities to perform in the School and wider community

Please note that some activities may not be available due to low interest or calendar/staff conflicts.

Students enjoy weekly music lessons with our specialist music teacher from Foundation to Year 6, having opportunities to learn how to play the recorder, ukulele, keyboard, drums, a range of percussion instruments and the guitar. Along with instrumental skills, students develop all-round theory, aural and analytical skills in music, helping to develop them as musicians.

Students also have the opportunity to engage in individual music lessons on a weekly basis through our partnership with Learning Through Music. For a small weekly fee, typically around $30, students are able to enjoy an individual lesson with a qualified tutor in the instrument of their choice.

Our instrumental tuition students perform each term at a special whole school performance assembly and are often members of our school Worship Band, which performs at our whole school Chapel service each Friday morning.

The quality of our Junior and Senior Choirs is legendary, and they frequently perform at a range of school and community events throughout the year, in addition to the statewide ‘Festival of Music’.

School Band Program

It is a pleasure to announce that we have launched our school band program for students in Years 3 – 6.

This provides students who are interested to be able to learn a range of instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet or trombone. Students will be able to participate in a range of weekly group tutorials and rehearsals as part of the program.

The Band Program will be run by Mrs Ali and two external Music tutors from Term 2 onwards. The dedicated and qualified music tutors will deliver tuition in our school setting to deliver a band program with quality outcomes, enhancing the opportunities available for students and the creative culture of the school, through performances and inspiring children in creative and artistic endeavours.

Playing a musical instrument has proven positive benefits for children. Studies show playing music in an ensemble increases aptitude for learning in all areas from mathematics to art, as well as improving social skills, discipline and instilling an enjoyment and appreciation for the performing arts in a way few other activities can. Students learn countless lifelong skills that help them develop into intelligent, creative leaders such as leadership, organisation, dedication, and teamwork. Research has also proven that the study of music allows cognitive abilities to grow and test results improve in the math and sciences.

Now is the time to consider joining the band. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to partake in the enjoyment of music – something that can last a lifetime!