Academic Performance

At Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School, we take a balanced approach to academic performance, recognising that personal growth and development of positive qualities are equally valuable, valuing each child as a learner. We recognise the value of celebrating continued improvement and the achievement of personal goals in contrast to a singular focus on assessments and external measures.

Our aspiration is that all our students will be learners for life.

Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School has a proud record of achieving strong academic results on a consistent year on year basis. Whilst NAPLAN data is only one measure of a school, and should be considered within the context of being a ‘snapshot’ of learning and in the context of the overall quality offering our our school, an analysis of our NAPLAN results shows that we have consistently achieved well above the South Australian average in all domains over the past seven years, as well as the National average.

Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School’s students have excelled in 2022, having achieved some of the school’s strongest results despite the challenges that have been presented with COVID over the past few years. The level of resilience students have demonstrated and their capacity to draw on the IB Learner Profile attributes to sustain their absorption in learning and persevere through changing circumstances has been inspirational.

Will Wallace, our Principal is “absolutely delighted” for the students and their outstanding efforts.

“With the broader commentary of declining educational standards in terms of South Australian averages as well as nationally, it is wonderful to see our school consistently bucking this trend, especially in our local area. We have a strong culture at Golden Grove Lutheran, where we have positive expectations for students within a nurturing environment and share the students’ joy when they grow as learners and achieve their personal goals.”

Whilst the school is consistently one of the strongest performers in the local area, Mr Wallace also observes that “what makes me particularly proud, is that we can achieve these wonderful results by working collaboratively with our students, families and teachers without being academically selective, but welcoming students of all capacities and learning styles and having a holistic approach to education.”


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