Flexible learning spaces

To support our teaching and learning program we are continually reviewing our spaces so they reflect and support the way teachers teach and students learn. Over the last few years, we have refurbished many of the classrooms and adjacent spaces incorporating: raised platforms, learning booths, ‘breakout’ areas complemented with recarpeting and redecorating. The most recent project in our ongoing refurbishment was the completion of the senior class learning area, which also includes a wellbeing and sensory room and a ‘green room’ for the teaching of STEM.

Playgrounds and open space

We have three playgrounds and a Nature Play area where children explore their abilities, collaborate with peers and take safe risks. The campus has three ovals and we are adjacent to Richardson Reserve which is used for sports days and carnivals.


Students in years 3–6 participate in a 1:1 iPad programme. Students are made aware of the responsibilities they have in owning and using their iPad. Through an education process involving SAPOL and school developed programs and policies, the students use their devices safely and purposefully.

Class sets of iPads are available for use by students in Foundation – yr 2.

STEM subjects are incorporated into the curriculum. This may be as a part of a unit of inquiry or through specific skills being taught (eg. coding). The acquisition of ICT skills may be through the use of robotics, iPads, PCs or a variety of other tools. Our ‘green room’ encourages the use of the practical use of ICT skills learnt.

Worship Centre

The multi-purpose Worship Centre provides a valuable resource that very few schools of our size enjoy. Students access the centre for regular weekly worship, as an extension to our classroom learning areas, for Assembly and for a variety of music opportunities, such as band, choir and individual music tuition.

Facilities gallery

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