Flexible learning spaces

To support our teaching and learning program we are currently undertaking a program of refurbishing teaching spaces to reflect and support  the way teachers teach and students learn. Recently the year 1 and 2 classrooms were refurbished. The completion of a ‘breakout’ room was part of this refurbishment. The refurbishment included: raised platforms, learning booths , recarpetting and redecorating. In the coming months the Reception classrooms will be refurbished along with the completion of another breakout space.

Library Resource Centre

The benefits of a shared campus are no more obvious than in the Library Resource Centre (LRC). The LRC is of a size that can comfortably accommodate both primary schools on campus and is staffed by both schools. GGLPS has integrated its IT system with that of the LRC system, making planning and access easier for staff and students.

Playgrounds and open space

We have three playgrounds where children explore their abilities and take safe risks. The campus has three ovals and we are adjacent to Richardson Reserve which is used for sports days and and carnivals.

The Arts

Private music tuition is currently offered in piano, keyboard, brass, woodwind, violin, drums and voice.


It is important that students are aware of the proper use of ICT devices.  To support this, students in years 4-7 have a 1:1 iPad programme  and through the use of the school’s wi-fi capabilities can use their devices to support their learning.

Modern Information Technology facilities support teaching and learning across the school and the curriculum. With access to imaging hardware, cutting edge software applications, Internet and email facilities, students use technology as a powerful tool for learning, information management and communication.
Each class has an Electronic Whiteboard to enhance teaching and learning.
Each class has a minimum of three networked PCs
Each class has frequent access to the two ICT suites, which have 30 networked, state of the art PCs in each
School staff possess high levels of technological skills and from their individual classrooms are linked to our school-wide IT network, resulting in increased efficiency and opportunity for students.
Our ICT curriculum incorporates a structured and comprehensive approach to teaching our students about Cybersafety.
Our network also links with the Library Resource Centre network, allowing staff and students to access facilities directly from their class or the computer suite.

Worship Centre

Assuming the prominent corner position of our school site, the multi-purpose Worship Centre provides a valuable resource that very few schools of our size enjoy. Students access the centre for regular weekly worship, as an extension to our classroom learning areas, for assembly and for a variety of music opportunities, such as band, choir, class music lessons and individual music tuition.

Make a tax deductible donation
for the School Building Fund

The school operates a Building Fund, vital in the provision of much needed resources for our children. It is a voluntary fund, and donations over $2 are tax deductible. Families are encouraged to consider taking advantage of this, and support the building program with a donation.
Several projects have been completed in recent years and the Building Fund remains an integral part of the school’s capital works program. A donation to the Building Fund will directly assist exciting building programs currently in the planning stages. Our students stand to benefit from a number of planned improvements in the coming years, including permanent classrooms, more work and learning areas, toilets, sails and permanent cover.
Your donation will make this a better school for your children – today and for many years to come. So if you have been happy with the education and facilities provided by the school, please consider making a voluntary donation to the Building Fund to enable our work to continue into the future.

Please contact the Business Manager on 8282 6002 for more information on how to make a tax deductible donation.

Or you can make a tax deductible donation right away for the new courtyard shade project.

Facilities gallery

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