Our Class Carers

Class carer mission statement

Showing Jesus love through care and fellowship within the school community.

The aims of GGLPS class carers
  • To uphold and promote the ethos of GGLPS
  • To better care for the students and families of our school
  • To assist teachers in the care and support of the students and families of their class
  • To increase and act upon our sense of community
  • To provide more efficient channels of communication between families and between families and the school

Class Carers is a network designed to support families and teachers within our school community in times of crisis and need eg sickness, hospitalisation, birth.

Class Carers Members 2020

Class Carer Coordinators
Karen McKinnon and Karen Tiller
Foundation Cluster
Wendy Carmen and Claire Rathjen
1/2 Cluster
Tanya Malaj, Karen McKinnon, Kylie Myllynen, Joanna Rogers and Kirsty Shannon
Year 3/4 cluster
Jenny Batchelor, Kylie Chinca and Samantha Karall
Year 5/6 cluster
Diane Mann and Karen Tiller


As a community, we support each other in times of need. We would encourage you to think about offering your support to help a family who may be struggling with the routines of everyday life. If you feel you can help please complete the following form.

Class Carers Network Form 2020

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