Outdoor Education

Our programme of Outdoor Education at Golden Grove Lutheran is centred around providing rewarding experiences for all students. Promoting increased independence, enhancing social skills, providing the opportunity to ‘unplug’ from technology, and enjoying increased physical activity are a few of the benefits of our outdoor education programme which creates lifelong memories.

Students from Foundation to Year 6 enjoy participating in annual camps as part of our focus on outdoor education. Our learning continuum for Outdoor Education is a life-changing journey that empowers our students to be courageous and to approach new challenges with optimism and excitement. In each year of their schooling, our students participate in a progressive program designed to develop their physical, emotional and social resilience, whilst strengthening their connection to the natural environment.

In Foundation, our students enjoy an afternoon of activities at school and a barbecue, and the overnight component commences in Year 1 with a sleepover at school for an evening. Year 2 students have an overnight stay wither at Monarto or Adelaide Zoo, whilst Year 3 and 4 enjoy two nights away experiencing a range of activities at Aldinga and Mylor. Year 5 and 6 students find that their Victor Harbor camp is a real highlight, with surfing and kayaking being two of the most memorable activities!

Our camps also include integrated opportunities to focus on Aboriginal education, ecology, aquatic education, adventure and wildlife education.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The key focus areas of our outdoor education programme include personal growth, connection to peers, life skills, leadership, rites of passage and environmental stewardship.


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