Parent Testimonials

“Our son had the best experience of his primary school journey at Golden Grove Lutheran. He went from a student who didn’t enjoy school, to one who loved learning, developed great learning skills and made wonderful friends that he’s moved through to Endeavour College with. He was a different child when he went to Golden Grove and had the most amazing experience”.


“Since moving to Golden Grove, we’ve just found that the philosophy of the school and about learning has fitted our child so much more. They are really valued for who they are”.


“We are so pleased with the way that we can see extra curricular opportunities continuing to grow and love all of the programmes and experiences that the school offers”.


“The teachers are amazing, they are so dedicated and committed”.


“We got a really warm feel for the school straight away, it is a very welcoming and friendly environment”.


“The school community looked after me so much during a difficult time for our family, and really cared for our kids. The class carers are amazing”.


“I have been amazed at how far my child has come looking back over the years at the school. They have progressed so much – the education is excellent and they are acknowledged. supported and celebrated for who they are.
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