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Class Carers

Class Carer Mission Statement

Showing Jesus love through care and fellowship within the school community.

Class Carers Objectives

  • To uphold and promote the ethos of GGLPS
  • To better care for the students and families of our school
  • To assist teachers in the care and support of the students and families of their class
  • To increase and act upon our sense of community
  • To provide more efficient channels of communication between families and between families and the school

Our role as class carers is to support families and teachers within the school community in times of crisis and need e.g., sickness & injury, hospitalisation, birth. We can provide support in practical ways such as meals for a family in need and are happy to help where we can. Just get in touch with one of us if you or someone you know within the school is in need of some extra support.

We also organise and run events at school such as Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, teacher appreciation morning tea, help with school photos and organise some social gatherings.

If any parent or caregiver is interested in helping out as a class carer, we would love to talk with you about it further.

“The school community looked after me so much during a difficult time for our family, and really cared for our kids. The class carers are amazing”.

Class Carers Members 2024

Class Carer Coordinators

Katherine Hartley and Sarah Harry

Foundation Cluster

Amie Jones and Sheridan Horskins

1/2 Cluster

Dayna Ruston, Krystle Poole and Rebecca Burgers

2/3 cluster

Sarah Harry

Year 3/4 cluster

Alice Tritton and Joanna Rogers

Year 5/6 cluster

Katherine Hartley and Kylie Myllynen