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Parent Portals

This page contains all the information on digital applications GGLPS uses to communicate with parents and caregivers. For more information, please contact the school office or the class teacher.


Our TASS database holds all relevant information about you and your child/children. It is vital that parents/carers keep this up to date at all times as this is our way of contacting you in an emergency and being aware of any medical conditions your child/children have, so that we can treat them accordingly.

A simple overview of what can be accessed through TASS is below:

  • Contact information – address, email and phone number
  • Your child/ren’s medical information
  • Attendance information – including the option to notify the School of your child/ren’s absences
  • School calendar

To gain access, please contact school office.

TASS Parent Lounge


We use Toddle at GGLPS to share a portfolio of each student’s work in their year levels to provide evidence of a student’s learning. This allows parents to celebrate the growth that children show across a wide range of learning while also providing insight into what comes next for the learner.

Families can download the ‘Toddle Family App’ to view their children’s work. Invitations to your child’s Toddle are sent via email.

We are excited about the many ways that we as a school will continue to grow our understanding of the effective ways to use Toddle to learn with and to showcase learning.


Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) is an APP that can be downloaded via the APP Store or Google Play and enables the user to order and pay for a variety of school items (including school canteen) securely.  This alleviates the need to bring correct cash to school and allows you to order at a time and place that suits you.

With Qkr! you’ll receive your receipts on the app and have the option to receive them via email.  It’s quick and easy, and once set up takes a short amount of time to make purchase at the click of a button.

Click here for Qkr guide.