Staff Professional Learning

At Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School, we pride ourselves on our philosophy of continuous learning and growth for students and adults alike, commensurate with the values held within the IB PYP Learner Profile.

Each of our staff team members continues to be actively involved in and engaged with ongoing staff professional learning to continue to build their everyday practice.

Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School invested $28,000 in staff professional learning over the course of the year.

Our 2020 PYP focus was to develop the use of student agency throughout the school and a number of staff members were able to participate in workshops led by AISSA in this area. The student agency project is ongoing work over three years and working with Charles Leadbetter from the UK.

At the beginning of 2020, four staff undertook specific training with the IB. Three teachers completing the initial training ‘Making the PYP: Implementing Agency, both in the upper years and early years. Two teachers completed ‘An introduction to the PYP’ led by the SA/NT PYP Network.

Through their relationship with the IB Project 21, Harvard University offered PD in Visual Learning. Four teachers formed a GGLPS team and engaged with the global teaching community to complete an online course. They then presented this learning to the teaching staff and visual thinking routines have become a consistent strategy for our students to develop their critical and creative thinking.

The need to rapidly transition to providing quality online learning for our students during COVID enabled us to engage in professional learning in utilising and leveraging online platforms including Seesaw and Microsoft Teams. Teachers were also supported over the course of this time with specific professional learning opportunities which focussed on the most effective pedagogy and strategies for online and remote teaching and learning for students.

Our staff was engaged in the IB Standards and Practices (S&P) as they worked towards the remote evaluation visits in Oct of 2020. This involved understanding the S&Ps, collecting and annotating evidence against the S&Ps, and formulating an action plan to further develop GGLPS in moving towards best practice as determined by the S&Ps.

Teaching staff formulated individualised Professional Learning Plans which reflected the goals that they had set for their professional growth as well as their own self-assessments, as well as reflecting whole school goals.



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