What’s a Lutheran School?

Lutheran schools have nurtured and educated Australian children since 1839. They are closely linked to the Lutheran Church of Australia and, as such, are based on the central message of the gospel.

Lutheran schools offer excellent quality teaching and learning experiences for each child that reflect and support their individuality. They offer a caring community that encourages and develops respectful relationships, and teaches all students to live out the school’s ethos and values.

As part of the Lutheran school system, Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School is making a difference as it respects the past, embraces the present and looks boldly to the future.

As a Lutheran school community, each day has the potential to be one where we know we are loved by God and we seek to love others with kind words and actions. That’s an exciting place to be.

For us at Golden Grove Lutheran, it means we have a way of wanting to be that reflects God’s love for each of us, knowing God has made each of us special and unique.

It gives us an understanding of how our values become a lived experience. We respect and seek justice because God values each of us the same, we seek and show forgiveness, through restorative practices, we show compassion and look for acts of service because God’s love for us motivates us to want the best for others, cooperation, excellence, integrity, patience and hope are all ways we seek to be and act towards each other.

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