Parents & Friends Association

Join others keen to make a difference to the Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School (GGLPS) community. The Parents and Friends Association makes a significant contribution to our school.

P&F are involved in our school through:

  • Special days eg casual clothes
  • Through a levy providing such things as new furniture, IT resources, outdoor refurbishment
  • BBQ at Sports Day
  • Book Club
  • Special Persons Day


Report from the P & F Chair 2021

As a P&F we are in a fortunate position that our School has the P&F Levy, so we don’t need to worry about fundraising and can focus on running events to bring our community together and funding different projects in the school.

Fair to say that 2020 has been a difficult year, so some of the plans we had in place, unfortunately, did not eventuate. We were still able to have the New Families BBQ, the Quiz Night and our first MOT (being Hot Cross Buns) before the restrictions relating to COVID-19 began. The second MOT was a little different and ended up being a sausage sizzle for the kids only but supported by P & F. Term 3 allowed us to have MOT with parents and friends and included muffins. Our first Date Night for the year occurred and P & F approved funding for robotics. The final term included our 4th MOT (being egg and bacon muffins) and unfortunately due to further COVID-19 restrictions, our end of year Xmas Picnic was cancelled, however, Santa was still able to arrive and give every school child a small gift.

We witnessed the upgrade of the Wellness room and also funded an extensive Teacher’s wish list which included a second iPad trolley and other necessary items. We also approved the necessary funding for a Mural to be painted on the brick wall in the courtyard.

P & F also helped to provide funding for the Girl Power workshop due to parent workshops not able to occur this year due to restrictions. All of this could not be possible without the efforts of our P & F committee and especially the work done by Claire, Michelle and Angus who have supported me throughout the year. Due to work commitments, I now intend to take a break from P & F and wish all the very best for the future committee.

Stephen Tiller


P & F AGM 2023 Nomination Form

This meeting will be held on Monday 28 November at 7 pm in the Admin Building. Nominations close Friday 25 November 2022.

P&F Committee Members 2022

Michelle Parcell
Vice Chair
Karen McKinnon
Maree Kairl
Claire Rathjen

P&F Documents

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