Volunteering means an activity which is of benefit to the community, is done of one’s free will and is undertaken without monetary reward. Volunteers are those volunteers that are involved in providing support, guidance and supervision directly to students and could potentially have direct unsupervised contact with students during the normal course of providing the volunteer service.

Volunteers may have:

  • limited supervision by Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School staff in their role;
  • significant amounts of 1:1 time with students;
  • supervisory responsibility of a group of students with only broad and indirect oversight of a Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School staff member; or
  • full supervisory responsibility for one or more students, such as in a sports coaching role or learning support role.

Volunteer activities may include volunteers involved in Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School camps or excursions, coaching sporting teams or assisting in learning

All volunteers are required to comply with our Child Protection Program and their legal obligations with respect to the reporting of child abuse, grooming and neglect.
Volunteers will undergo child-related employment screening in accordance with our Child-Related Employment Screening policy.

  • Each current and new volunteer is required to sign a written statement indicating that they have read and acknowledged Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School’s Child Safe Policy and Child Safety Code of Conduct.
  • They must also be aware that they too have legal obligations with respect to the reporting of child abuse, grooming and neglect.
  • It is each individual’s responsibility to be aware of key risk indicators of child abuse, grooming and neglect, to be observant, and to raise any concerns they may have relating to child abuse with one of Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School’s Child Safety Officers and/or with external agencies where required.
  • Each volunteer is to read the Volunteers Code of Conduct.

We value the people in our community who give their time to help with excursions, camps etc.  It is our duty of care that our volunteers have current training in Valuing Safe Communities (VSC – see training instructions below) and a current police check (both lasting 3 years).

police check needs to be provided.  Please fill out the form below and the school will initiate the process.  You will be emailed a form to fill out.  Please populate the form and bring into the front office.

Apply for DCSI form (police check)

  • Please ensure this is your full name on birth certificate for SAPOL purposes.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    This is needed for SAPOL purposes.

How to enrol in Valuing Safe Communities: Online Training Modules

Please note that to participate in this course, there is a two-stage process which is required to ensure the integrity and safety of the training content. The first stage is registering on the training system: iLearn (Part 1) and the second stage is enrolling in the training module (step 7 and 8).  Read the handout to complete the Valuing Safe Communities training.



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