Communicating with our School Families

Consistent and meaningful communication with our parents and community is a high priority at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School.

We strive to communicate frequently and effectively with our community through the avenues outlined below:

The Grapevine – Weekly eNews

Families receive ‘The Grapevine’, a weekly newsletter to their registered email(s), with highlights of the week and important whole school news, information from each cluster and upcoming events and activities.

These emails are sent every Thursday afternoon. It is important that all parents and caregivers check the weekly newsletter as information relating to all activities and events for children will be primarily communicated via ‘The Grapevine’.

‘The Grapevine’ can also be read in a number of different languages. Including the school and cluster newsletters in the one publication makes it more accessible for the range of families in our community, as well as providing a single point of reference for key information each week.

The Golden Vine – Termly eNews

The Golden Vine is a termly newsletter, published 4 times a year, providing an review of each term. It will also be distributed by email to families in the same way as the weekly newsletter and will have a focus on student success stories, reports of special events and activities, updates from the School Board, our Principal and the Leadership team, P&F and Class Carers.

‘The Golden Vine’ will be distributed to current families, future families, old scholars, grandparents and supporting congregations.


The Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School Year Book is distributed to all families of the year of publication.

Toddle Family App

Our Toddle app provides a continuous assessment and reporting system for all year levels. Parents are able to access more information more often about their child’s progress at school including grades, results, timetables and homework. Toddle access is via a family specific login and password.

The Toddle app is free and is available to download at the following links:



Audiri Phone App

The Audiri phone app (previously Skoolbag) is available to download for free from your app store and gives parents the opportunity to be kept informed of the School’s activities through notifications and easy access to important documents.

The Audiri app is free and is available to download at the following links:



Social Media

Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School has official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages through which achievements, events, activities and the day to day happenings of the School are shared.

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