School Fees

One Term Free offer
The school board is currently supporting our community by offering a 25% discount on the tuition fee for all students who enrol from March 2023.

For mid year Foundation intake 2023, this will be applied across the six terms that students will be in Foundation over 2023 – 2024.

For students across all other year levels, and for Foundation students commencing at the beginning of 2024, this will be applied across the 2024 tuition fee.

We ask that students remain enrolled for the equivalent of a full year to access the discount.


Quality Education at an Affordable Price

We have it… our analysis shows that we are the best value, most affordable Christian Independent Primary School in the Golden Grove and Tea Tree Gully areas. We also provide one of the most affordable R – 12 education pathways in our area, in partnership with Endeavour College for secondary education.

At Golden Grove Lutheran, we are proud of our mission which is to provide an affordable, Christ-focused education of excellence, within a positive, creative, challenging and caring community. We recognise educating your children can be expensive and we understand it is a commitment and invite you to take the time to look over our all-inclusive fee schedule and to contact us to discuss further.

An Affordable Primary Education

At Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School, we are confident that we are the best value, most affordable independent primary school in the area. That is why we have taken the time for you and compared apples to apples with the 2022 comparative analysis of our average annual tuition fee in terms of some independent school options available locally as shown above.


An Affordable and Seamless R – 12 Education



The Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School to Endeavour College pathway for secondary education is also one of the most affordable, with our 2022 comparative analysis of tuition fees showing that our pathway to Endeavour College is more affordable than local Catholic secondary schools, and the majority of local independent schools.

School Fees

2023 Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School Fee Schedule

Base Tuition Fee $4530 per child

School Card $2265 per child

Download the full 2023 Fee Schedule

Tuition Fee
The tuition fee includes a resource levy, school activities such as incursions and excursions, school magazine, student accident insurance and ambulance cover.

Education Services Levy
The Education Services Levy includes costs for overnight camps and swimming lessons as applicable ,as well as the Year 6 shirt (for Year 6 students only).

Sibling Discount
Sibling discount applies to younger siblings attending the school.  The annual discount is as follows:

2nd Child       $ 492
3rd Child       $1248
4th Child       $2124

GGLPS/Endeavour College Discount
Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School offers a discount to students who have siblings currently attending Endeavour College.  The annual discount is reflected in the Tuition Fee Schedule above.

Early Payment Discount
A 2% discount on net tuition fees is offered for a full upfront payment of annual school fees by 10 February.

Parents & Friends Levy
A P&F levy of $140 per annum applies to each family.

Stationery and booklist supplies are at an additional cost to the tuition fee.  During term 4 the school will provide families with information to access a list of required stationery for the following year.

Building Fund Donation
This is a voluntary contribution that is used to service existing school building loans and to contribute towards the school’s building projects and developments.  Donations are tax-deductible and can be made by EFT or in person at the front office. Please contact the office for payment details.

School Card
A reduction in tuition fees is allowed for families who are eligible for a School Card. Discount is reflected in the Tuition Fee Schedule. Please contact the school to obtain an application form.

Fee Concessions
Families experiencing financial difficulty can apply for a fee concession. Financial assistance can be negotiated with the school by contacting the Business Manager.

School Fee Accounts
School fees and charges are billed on an annual basis and are distributed by email. No reduction in any fees will be made as the result of a student not participating in any official school event such as school excursions. There will be no reimbursement of school fees when students take voluntary leave such as holidays with parents. Students enrolled after the beginning of the year are charged pro-rata for the remainder of the year.

Payment method
Payment can be made through the FACTS Management Portal which enables fees for each child to be made through a tailored direct debit on an annual, termly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis. This will enable better budgeting opportunities for families, which is critical to the family budget and provides a greater level of fee transparency between the school and families.

Payment Plans
Families may negotiate payment plans directly with the Business Manager. These plans may be reviewed at the discretion of the Business Manager.

While all care has been taken to ensure the correctness of this information, Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School cannot be held responsible or liable for loss or inconvenience resulting from inadvertent errors.


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