Choosing a school for your child is challenging and exciting. There are many things to consider such as ‘Will the school cater to my child’s needs and interests?’ ‘Will the curriculum support my child’s development?’ and ‘Does the school values reflect my own values and expectations?’

What are the steps?

Step 1: Learn more about Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School

We would love to welcome you to our school for a visit so that you can get a feel for our community and see what we can offer your child and your family.

Principal Tours are held each Term from 9.30-10.30 am and bookings can be made online.

Or you can:

  • call the school on 8282 6000;
  • email Tanya Wilson, our enrolment officer; or
  • fill out an online enquiry form below and we will arrange a personal tour for you and anyone else you would like to bring along.

Alternatively, you can phone the school for a prospectus or request a prospectus online and it will be sent to you via Australia Post. From there, you can fill out the Enrolment Application Form and our Enrolments Officer will contact you to make time to visit our school.


Step 2: Application

Once you have submitted an Enrolment Application Form and visited our school, your application will be processed and considered.

Applications may be submitted up to 5 years before commencement. If the requested year level is full, your application may be placed on a waiting list.

Please note that undertaking these steps does not guarantee placement, but they are steps that need to be followed for applications to be considered.

For information regarding the conditions of enrolment, please view our Enrolment Policy (linked soon).


Step 3: Acceptance

Once the school has accepted the enrolment you will receive the Confirmation of Enrolment form requesting you to secure your child’s position by placing a $ 500 deposit. This deposit is fully refundable at the end of your child’s schooling at Golden Grove Lutheran Primary School. If you choose to send your child to Endeavour College, in year 4 we will transfer this deposit to Endeavour College and their position will be secured for year 7.

Once the deposit is paid and our school has accepted the enrolment, you will be sent a formal letter advising you of this placement.


Please note: The Offer of Enrolment is made two years before entry. Places in other years levels will be offered closer to commencement as they become available.


Enrolment year levels

Foundation intake

Foundation is the first year of Primary School (Foundation to Year 6).

Children must turn 5 years old before May 1 to start school that year. If they are born on or after May 1, and turn five years old by October 31, they may start in that year in the term 3 intakes. Under normal circumstances, they will be required to complete six terms of Foundation.

Intake at other year levels

Applications may be submitted up to 5 years before commencement. If the requested year level is full, your application may be placed on a waiting list.

Enrolments for any other year levels will be considered by the Principal at the time of application.


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