Booking online

All GGOSH bookings can be made online:
You will need to register an account when booking for the first time.
The booking code is Z7XKM.

All bookings are done online and can be accessed by clicking here or alternatively typing the URL into your browser.
Please note if you experience difficulties using the online system and you are using internet explorer (ie) as your browser. We ask that you please access the online system using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari etc as your web browser.

Online booking help notes are available

Download the July Vac Care program

Booking information

Term Fees:

Permanent booking – a permanent booking is considered as any booking made online prior to 12.00 pm on the Friday of the preceding week of the booking. (ie. An after school care (ASC) booking required for Tues would need to be made by 12.00 pm on the preceding Friday)

Casual booking – a casual booking, therefore, is considered as any booking made during the week of the required booking and will be charged accordingly. These bookings must be made through the Director or GGOSH front desk and not through carebookings.


$13 (6.30-8.00 am Breakfast included)
$8 (after 8:00 am NO breakfast)
$20 (3.07-6.00 pm includes fruit snack (3.30 pm) and afternoon snack (4.15 pm))


$17 (6.30-8.00 am Breakfast included)
$11 (after 8.00 am NO breakfast)
$24 (3.07-6.00 pm includes fruit snack (3.30 pm) and afternoon snack (4.15 pm))

Term Cancellation Fees

24 hours notice is required when cancelling bookings. Cancellations within the 24 hours, there is no charge. Cancellations less than 24 hours will be charged the cheaper rate of the session.

Term No Booking Surcharge

There is a $10 surcharge for all children that are not booked in but come to the service. After the Friday 12 pm cut off and during the week of care, if you do not notify GGOSH of these online bookings you will be charged the $10 surcharge.

This includes children that are booked in online after the Friday 12 pm cut off for the during the week of care who did not notify GGOSH.

Vacation Care Fees

Home Day = $60
Incursion (onsite with activities provided by external parties) = $65
Excursion (off-site day)
= $70
Snack is provided each vacation care day.
So children will have a fruit break around 3.00 pm and then a light snack around 4.00 pm.

Vacation Care Cancellation Fees:

24 hours notice is required when cancelling bookings.  Cancellations made with more than 24 hours notice incur a $10 cancellation fee, per child, per day.
Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full day rate.

Vacation Care No Booking Surcharge

Any bookings made after the cut off date will incur a $10 per child, per day late fee.

Late fees

A late fee charge of $1 per minute, per child for the first 10 minutes and $5 per minute, per child, thereafter will apply after 6.00 pm.

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