Life at GGOSH

Our morning service opens at 6:30 am and runs through till 8:30 am when students move off to their classrooms. Our facility is then staffed until 9:00 am, available for any parent inquiry.
At GGOSH, we offer breakfast from 6:45 am-8:00 am. We have a selection of popular cereals, toast and beverages including juices and Milo.


Activities available at morning GGOSH

At GGOSH we have a variety of activities available for students every morning. These include watching morning cartoons on the big screen in the GGOSH room, playing on the Wii, our art and craft which changes every week, playing outside the GGOSH room in the Junior Primary (JP) area and after 8:00 am moving out to either the computer suite or ‘outside play’ where we have access to the big playground, oval and tennis courts (if there are enough interested students).
Our afternoon service is available for students from 3:15 pm-6:00 pm. Our doors open at 2:30 pm to set up for the afternoon and to be available for any parent inquiry.

A typical afternoon at GGOSH is structured as follows:

  • 2:30 pm-3:07 pm staff set up for the afternoon and meet to discuss the afternoon’s proceedings
  • 3:07 pm-3:20 pm students come around to GGOSH and the younger students are brought in, they sign in and then wash their hands.
  • 3:20 pm-3:30 pm student announcements, and fruit time
  • 3:30 pm-4:10 pm activity time/ homework
  • 4:15 pm-4:45 pm snack time
  • 4:45 pm-5:50 pm a choice of computer suite, outside play, helping out GGOSH staff or free choice of GGOSH room activities (including watching a movie, playing on the Wii or art and craft
  • 5:50 pm-6:00 pm GGOSH room activities or computers

Topics we explore at GGOSH

Each week at GGOSH we explore different topics which are planned using suggestions from the children and are in line with the My Time, Our Place framework. These topics then form the base for which we create activities from, for the students to participate it each afternoon during Activity Time.
Announcement and Fruit Time at GGOSH
Each afternoon we have announcements and fruit.  During this time we share some important announcements and have a quick rundown of our choices for the afternoon ahead. We choose children to help with jobs after snack and have an open conversation about the children’s day.

Activity Time at GGOSH

Our Activity Time at GGOSH is broken up into 5 different components which cater to every student’s interest and need. During Activity Time we also offer homework which is supervised to support children who need assistance. The components of Activity Time are art and craft, construction, fit and fun, sensory play and chill out.

Art and Craft
An art and craft activity is offered for those wanting to get creative.

Children get to choose what construction activities to play with.

Fit and Fun
A fit and fun activity are offered for those wanting to get some fresh air outside and have a runaround. We offer a structured activity which fits in line with the current theme and also free choice of sports equipment, time on the oval, courts, bottom playground and nature play.

Chill Out
A Chill Out activity is offered to those who want to relax after a hard days work at school. In chill, the children are free to watch the suggested movie/show/documentary which ties into our weekly theme, or they can choose to watch something else that is G rated. This is shown on the big screen in the GGOSH room.

During activity time students have the option to complete any homework they need to in a supervised environment. Our GGOSH staff are always happy to help out with reading, spelling or any of those tricky maths questions! As soon as students finish their homework, they can move onto an activity of their choice.

Sensory Play

Sensory play is offered each day and activities include (as per children’s suggestions) kinetic sand, shaving cream, lost and found in rice, orbies and stress ball making just to name a few. All activities are non-compulsory and free choice is offered in all areas.

Snack Time
Each afternoon we have yummy snacks.  We know what we are having by checking out the menu board in GGOSH. We have a great variety of things for snack time from pizza muffins, pasta bakes, biscuits and wraps, just to name a few. All snacks are made from scratch where possible to limit the food additives and colouring. You will often smell what has been cooked and we are more than happy to share our recipes. All children have the opportunity to suggest a snack through the programming board. We provide three savoury and two sweet snacks each week.
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